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Advantages of using web push in the education sector

24 NOV. 2022
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Advantages of using web push in the education sector

The education sector has in web push notifications a magnificent tool to offer students all kinds of resources. Find out why we bet so decisively on this alternative.

Use cases of web push in the education sector
It is important to start by clarifying that the following web push use cases are a clear example of how the reach of an educational center’s website can be improved. Everything is to achieve more conversions, greater loyalty and a commitment to your proposal.

Sending media files
Any student will open a video or audio file first, since it will be easier for them to continue learning or specializing in the subject they are studying. For this reason, you have to create customized content for your customers that is interesting and that invites them to learn about your entire offer, a specific promotion or other details related to your activity.

The reminder of an abandoned shopping cart
It is possible that you have analyzed what the abandonment rate is in your business and that the figure is not too positive. You should know that the purchase is not always interrupted due to lack of interest and that there are specific situations that can cause abandonment. To prevent that sale from being permanently lost, nothing better than sending a notification with a direct link to the abandoned shopping cart. This way you will show your concern about what happened and you will get the purchase to be made.

Direct promotion
Surely throughout the year you have several important dates in which sales go up or down. This type of notification allows you to balance income and, especially, to promote your new courses effectively. Simply include a link to a section of your website where you explain, in more detail, what your proposal consists of. That is, your website should not be limited to being static, quite the opposite. The more you interact with the potential client, the more options you have to offer a more complete attention.

Important messages for students
You must announce when you are going to hold some type of event or when you are going to renovate your facilities, to name two examples. The goal is to ensure that any student knows when to go, or not, to your center. You will avoid inconvenience or you will be able to announce more easily any type of activity that you have to carry out.

Reminders of what you have learned
You can include links to a level test or to small exams that confirm that the student remembers what they learned during their course. Everything will depend on the educational level of your business, but it is always positive to show that concern for your students.
indigitall believes that education is one of the most important market niches and that each proposal must be promoted appropriately. Contact us and try our services for free. Surely your customers will greatly appreciate the gesture of wanting to automate your business and adapt it to the latest trends.