Best word – EN

Words tailored to reach your audience
With indigitall and the use of Artificial Intelligence you can now analyse and use the words that work for your specific audience in your communications.
Automated insights on words that get a higher conversion
Our Machine Learning algorithm helps you make your campaigns more successful by showing you which words activate your audience the most.
Dashboard access
On the platform’s dashboard you will be able to see a graph with the highest converting words of your campaigns. In case you need inspiration, we have also added a more generic graphic under the heading of trending.
Visually differentiate the words efficacy according to size and color.
The size and color of the words used in the word clouds is determined by their relevance. This way you can easily select them.
Size: The more successful the word, the bigger it shows.
Color: From highest to lower impact – are dark blue, green, light blue and orange.
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