Contact Center – EN

Contact Center, all conversations managed in one place
Go one step further in customer service, connect your WhatsApp conversations with your call center and serve your customers more effectively.
Improve customer experience
Manage conversations from all channels, including WhatsApp, in our contact center and keep this way communication consistent, being able to access previous conversations with your customers.
Understand your customer’s needs
Thanks to a direct contact with your customers, you will be able to identify their needs. This knowledge can benefit your business and give you ideas on how to improve your product or solution.
Reduction of operating costs
Carry out more than one conversation at the same time and optimize communication processes, so that the agent has visibility about what the client has previously written in the chat, anticipating the problem or doubt.
Improve your brand reputation.
Knowing more about your clients will allow you to give a more personalized service. This can help you build strong relationships with your clients.
Many more advantages
Reduce abandoned carts
Reach more potential customers by responding faster and offering right information.
No waiting times
Offer an easier way to get support and allow your customers to interact with you at any time.
Low barrier
It has never been so easy to talk to an agent and resolve all your doubts. Break down communication barriers with your customers.
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