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App Push Notifications
Increase engagement with your users by sending direct messages and relevant content to get their attention. Our App Push notifications are fully customizable and segmented and will always reach the user, regardless of whether they are using their cell phone or not.
We have created a channel exclusively for financial services, do you know it?
Why using App Push
The most direct channel with a global reach
Easily connect with
your audience
Push mobile notifications have an average of 45% acceptance. From the finance sector that gets an acceptance of a 56% to the consumer sector that gets instead a 31%.
Create dynamic content and prevent users from forgetting your app if they have recently downloaded it.
Enrich communication with images, documents, voice notes, videos, etc. And communicate directly with your customers.
Increase engagement
The use of App Push notifications will “push” your users to interact with your brand. You will be able to show them any news about your brand by redirecting them to the product or service they are most interested in.
Marketing Campaigns
With this type of messaging you can launch all the mobile marketing campaigns you want. From customer loyalty by offering exclusive discounts or special promotions to customer recovery campaigns. Using retargeting you will be able to close all sales.
Easy Configuration
All you have to do is add the content you want to send to the platform and select the type of sending you want to do. You will automatically see how your notification is formed.
All operating systems
Available on the latest versions of Android, iOS and Huawei! App Push Notifications allow you to enhance your users’ experience with the app.
App Push Communications
Send reminders about a restaurant reservation or medical appointment.
Make it easy for your users to subscribe.
Communicate offers about products or services and news about your brand.
Inform about events and conferences or breaking news.
Send automated promotions to each type of customer thanks to our segmentation.
indigitall’s USE CASES
Why choose indigitall
Experts in technology and Marketing Automation
Set up in 15 minutes
Integrate web push on your website and start creating campaigns with our platform.
Artificial Intelligence
Make your campaigns profitable from the first moment using our AI technology.
Advanced Segmentation
Automatically personalise your messages and segment by country, municipality or street.
With our technology you can communicate with your users based on their exact location.
CRM integration
indigitall integrates with the main CRM platforms such as Saleforce or Dynamics.
Secured Data
All messages are encrypted. Furthermore, your data is safe and protected.
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