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In-App Push
Create messages 100% personalized within your app which are adapted to the needs of your customers.
Why using In-App
The most direct channel with a global reach
Native messages and
continuous communication
In-App notifications will look native to the app itself, from satisfaction surveys to interacting directly with your customers.
Improve user
You can generate a welcome message or hyper-targeted campaigns when notifications are allowed in the app.
Thanks to the indigitall panel, you gain immediacy by creating and sending campaigns in minutes.
Why choose indigitall
Experts in technology and Marketing Automation
Set up in 15 minutes
Integrate web push on your website and start creating campaigns with our platform.
Artificial Intelligence
Make your campaigns profitable from the first moment using our AI technology.
Advanced Segmentation
Automatically personalise your messages and segment by country, municipality or street.
With our technology you can communicate with your users based on their exact location.
CRM integration
indigitall integrates with the main CRM platforms such as Saleforce or Dynamics.
Secured Data
All messages are encrypted. Furthermore, your data is safe and protected.
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