Facebook Messenger – EN

Facebook Messenger:
Chatbot with no coding
Automate your response 24×7 and communicate
in real time with our Contact Center solution.
Turn comments into sales!
Automatically reply to comments on your Facebook posts
with the chatboot. You’ll be able to answer common
questions, offer product recommendations, suscribe
your users to your newsletter and much more!
Your Clients are on
Facebook Messenger
2.400 million people will use Facebook Messenger in
2022, being one of the most popular mobile applications
in the world. Be present with indigitall’s chatbot tools
designed for mobile devices.
Make your Facebook ads
work better.
Combine your Facebook ads with the chatbot and reduce the
cost of acquisition up to x9 times. Use Click-to-Messenger
ads to send prospects to Facebook Messenger chat, where
you can rate potential customers, accept payments, and
keep the conversation going with your customers.
Many more advantages
Engage your customers
Build relationships with customers through interactive and personalized content from your Facebook account.
More potential customers
With open rates of 80% and CTR of 25%, Messenger outperforms all other channels.
Boost sales
Monetize your customers with simple and personalized experiences.
Understand results
With the analytics statistics, you will better understand the conversions of your clients.
Answer the doubts
Qualify Leads, send updates, recover abandoned carts, share coupons and respond to FAQs.
Facilitates communication
Create contact buttons on your website so that people can contact you in seconds through the WhatsApp channel.
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