Security Policy – EN

Security Policy

INDIGITALL’s Information Security Management System pursues as a fundamental objective the protection of information by offering its workers, collaborators, suppliers and clients a safe work environment through the appropriate security measures and operational processes.


The principles of our information security policy are:

Confidentiality: The information must be known exclusively by authorized persons.
Integrity: The information will be complete, exact, valid and without manipulation at all times.
Availability: The information will always be accessible by authorized users at all times, and its persistence will be guaranteed in any eventuality.
At INDIGITALL we are aware that our SaaS platform “marketing automation” is an asset with a high value for our organization and therefore requires adequate protection and management in order to give continuity to our business and minimize the possible Damages caused by information security failures.


For all this, we acquire the following commitments:

INDIGITALL’s permanent will in the area of ​​information security management will be shown through training and awareness programs that promote participatory management in these areas, enabling the skills of the staff to be used for the continuous improvement of the productive process.
To guarantee the development of our activities within the applicable rules and regulations, we will comply with the legislation and regulations in force, as well as other requirements signed with our clients, including those relating to information security and data protection.
Comply with the requirements and continuously improve the effectiveness of the Information Security Management System, through the implementation of systems for measuring and monitoring the services performed for our clients, as well as security objectives.
Perform and periodically review a risk analysis based on recognized methods that allow us to establish the level of information security and minimize risks through
development of specific policies, technical solutions and contractual agreements with specialized organizations.
INDIGITALL staff will develop their work aimed at achieving the objectives set and in accordance, at all times, with the legal requirements, as well as those of the client.
Selection of suppliers and subcontractors based on information security criteria.
Every incident or weakness that could compromise or has compromised the confidentiality, integrity and / or availability of the information must be recorded and analyzed to apply the corresponding corrective and / or preventive measures. Likewise, they will be communicated to the interested parties in the corresponding deadlines.


Date: 18-11-19