Boost your business and include SMS into your customer journey, expand and improve your company’s communication.
Customize your messages
Using the indigitall platform you can adapt each SMS you send to your customers with variables such as: the recipient’s name, dates and times of your appointments, providing a more personalised and efficient service.
Link shortener
Our platform includes as a new feature a link shortener so that you can make the most of those 160 characters and improve the visual aspect of your messages.
Communicate with all your contacts instantly.
Send your messages through a single interface in a matter of minutes. SMS marketing with our 360 platform is easy. And it includes all existing communication channels within a customer journey.
Receive your data and measure it in real time.
Our real-time reports will let you know which messages have been successfully sent and if the end user has received them. Manage your campaigns within the customer journey, analyse the results to optimise your next communications and download them safely.
Do you have any idea how many mobile devices exist?
Add SMS communications to your company’s marketing. One of the channels with the highest open rate (90%). Any SMS that reaches the device is opened/read. Also, being limited to 160 characters, communications are more direct and easier to read.
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