Mobile wallet – EN

Mobile wallet, the new communication channel
Send push communications that will be automatically saved in your user’s wallet that can be updated when needed, in a matter of minutes and without prior integration.
How it works
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  • Scan the QR code
    A user scans a QR code from your physical store or from your communications to upload tha card to the wallet.
  • Add card to wallet
    The user presses the add button to include the card in his wallet.
  • Ready to use!
    Send your newest offers with push notifications and save them automatically in your user’s wallets.
The benefits of Mobile Wallet
Update offers with no development needed.
After a user has saved the customer’s loyalty card in their wallet you will be able to send them push notifications and automatically update their wallet. No need of technical development.
Improve conversion
Increase your conversion rate by generating more traffic to your website thanks to the mobile wallet. With indigitall, you can send as many campaigns as you want without limit.
Your clients don’t need to have your app installed.
Inform your users directly and delete your communications without using an app. Your customers will be able to save all the offers or promotions you send them directly in their mobile device.
An outstanding experience.
You offers, promotions and communications will reach your customers directly and will be stored in the wallet automatically si that the user can use them whenever they want.
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