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Discover the key point of the user experience adding email to your customer strategy.
One of the most effective channels on the market
Email remains one of the most powerful and effective channels. With an average click rate of 2.4% and an average open rate of 18%. An essential channel that offers one of the best ROI in the market.
Rich and dynamic content
Take advantage of the personalization that allows you to make indigitall to enrich the composition of the messages. Analyze live customer and campaign engagement data to create a relevant message.
Smart delivery times
Not sure when is the right time to send your campaigns? Choose the best time sending function, with indigitall’s intelligent synchronization you will be able to send your communications when your customers are most receptive.
Improve usability with our Drag&Drop platform
Create your campaigns in minutes with our Drag or Drop platform, with which you can:
Add images, buttons or headers
Change the color or size of fonts
You can also insert the HTML code
Create emails quickly without forgetting the Mobile audience
Thanks to the indigitall platform you will be able to generate new emails in minutes, improving your operations and adapting to customer needs. These emails will be 100% adapted to users who access from mobile.
Maximize conversion and measure results in real time
Send your campaigns to precise audiences in real time. Plus, our AI features are guaranteed to send messages to people who prefer this channel over others. You will be able to know all the metrics such as the opening rate, click rate, CTR percentage, etc.
Uses cases
Newsletter for updates for blog/web
Welcome email /subscription confirmation
Product/service presentation
Event invitation and reminder
Offer discount or advantage/Give a gift
Monitoring of the sales process (order status, sale)
Carry out a survey / Ask for a rating, review or opinion
Online shopping : Abandoned the shopping cart
Give visibility to your social networks/Download app
Urgent communications (e-mail “last day”)
Contact our commercial department