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Automate & Personalize Every Experience

Omnichannel Customer Journey Orchestration

Drive customer engagement, sales, and LTV with our AI-powered customer journey orchestration platform. Deliver automated personalized experiences optimized for every customer across inbound and outbound channels.

indigitall for more active and demanding consumers

Create a Customer Journey Map with our platform and you will achieve:

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    Positive experiences increase customer purchases by up to 140%.

    Improve the user experience.
    You will be able to make it easier for your customers to make decisions before a purchase process. Thanks to the creation of the communication flow, you will impact them at the best moment and through the communication channel they use the most.
  • dashboard

    Obtain valuable information on your users.

    You will have an analytics dashboard where you will be able to see the behavior of your users and use the information for your marketing strategies. Predicting future behavior will help you make the right decisions to save costs and gain profitability.
  • marca

    Enhance brand value.

    By impacting your users in a non-invasive way, you will improve the relationship with your current customers and therefore increase your customer retention rate.

The all-in-one solution

Send marketing campaigns to different channels, or offer a unique experience connecting with your customers from a single and intuitive control panel.

Easy integration with your systems and CRM

Synchronize your ERP with the different communication channels. Take advantage of our channel versatility to provide the greatest personalization in your messages.

Automate your marketing campaigns and gain efficiency

Creating marketing campaigns takes a long time. The great news is that you can automate most of them! Set up campaigns once and let them run on autopilot. Reduce manual labor and don’t leave any user bypassed.

Optimize omnichannel campaigns

By creating a customer journey map you will be able to identify the best channels and fine-tune messages to improve efficiency, increase customer retention and reach your goals faster.

AI enhances Customer Experience and reduces Shopping Cart Abandonment

Our artificial intelligence is able to collect and interpret information from different sources in order to improve the customer experience. Send your messages at the best time for your customers and recover users who abandon their shopping cart.

Give each client a personalized experience

Create automated message flows based on personalized customer data and enrich communications with images, videos, or animated gifs.

Optimize your time
and reach more users

Keep all multichannel communications in one place.
Plan communications and coordinate your messages based on customer journey phases.
Plan communications and coordinate your messages according to the stage each customer is in.
Reach your audience with the right messages at the right time. Discover our digital solutions to reach all your customers.

Set up your digital communications faster

Our tool makes it easy to plan your campaigns and communications. You can create journeys with the use of web push notifications, in-web pop-ups or proactive messages from WhatsApp based on user’s actions.
Our tool helps you improve customer relations, optimize marketing and sales strategies
and reinforce your company’s image.

Key Use Cases

Product Purchase
Inform the customer of each step of the purchase process: payment, shipping, delivery and returns. The customer’s feeling of confidence is key to make the purchase.
Service Registration
Welcome the new user so that they feel a sense of exclusive belonging to your brand with benefits, commitment to transparency and guarantee with the treatment of their data.
Send messages at certain events. E.g. an email if the user clicks on a button or is browsing the page and enters a section. This action will trigger another action that you have included in your strategy.
Dates are important in marketing actions. With our platform you can send sms with discounts for a customer’s birthday, a 2×1 for Valentine’s Day…
Abandoned cart recovery is essential to increase sales. Improve communication at the weakest points of the process.
Random Paths
Establish cross-channel journeys according to different user characteristics, interests and behavior.