ChatGPT Features

Discover a new way to create content with ChatGPT

indigitall brings you the latest in content technology and artificial intelligence. Thanks to
the integration of ChatGPT in the indigitall console, all our customers will be able to create
high quality content instantly.

Create creative content easily

You only need to enter the topic you are interested in, the tone in which
you want to write and the language
for the indigitall wizard to show you
a 100% original and creative content suited to your needs.
Our console allows you to enter up to 400 characters so you can enter
as much detail as you need.

Intuitive and easy to use

With indigitall’s platform you can create up-to-date and fresh content
in minutes.
We have made sure to introduce ChatGPT technology into
our platform in the most intuitive and easy way possible. Content
creation with indigitall has never been easier!

Improve your content strategy thanks to your publications

Do you want your publications to get more reach, interactions or conversions?
By integrating ChatGPT you can get the best version of your content at the click
of a button,
try it now and improve your results!

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Want to know more about ChatGPT integration?

Our experts will be happy to tell you all about the advantages of this integration. Take advantage of the opportunity offered by indigitall to help you achieve the best possible results with your campaign content.

Would you like to know how to maximize
the results of your campaigns? Try indigitall’s AI

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Best moment

Schedule your campaigns to be sent
at the best time for your users.

Best word

Use the words that work best with
your audience in your communications.

A/B Test

Create versions of the same campaign,
automate the use of the most profitable one.