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Web Push Notifications:

Direct messages with greater interaction with which you can increase the conversion of your communications.
Personalize, send and analyze.
Reach new users and build customer loyalty in an automated way, sending the right message at the right time thanks to the use of our artificial intelligence.
Get a 40% conversion rate.

Browser support

All major browsers are supported

Why using Web Push

The most direct channel with global reach

Be the first and don’t let others get ahead of you

Broadcast your publications, updates or breaking news immediately. These communications may be accompanied by images or gifs to generate a greater impact.

Reduce shopping cart abandonment

Every 7 out of 10 buyers abandon the shopping cart before finalizing the payment. Push notifications are a key tool for the recovery of those potential clients.

Your loyalty rate can grow up to 40%

From the beginning of your campaigns you will be able to monitor and verify how your conversion rate improves, while also increasing customer loyalty.

Communication channel to convert anonymous users into buyers

Web push notifications improve conversion because a CTA is provided to the user without asking for any data. It is enough for the user to accept the opt-in.


Welcome Push

· Do you want to welcome with a specific message every time a user decides to receive information about your brand?

Set up a welcome message and make your users feel that they are part of your brand.
Wifi connection

· Do you want to send exclusive communications to your customers when they connect to your wifi network?

The campaign will be sent when the device is connected or not to the WiFi network. Optionally you can specify the SSID of the network.
Recurring Shipments

· Are you in the hospitality industry and want to take care of your customers with a 10% discount every Wednesday?
· Are you a media company and want to communicate the daily weather forecast to your users?

Send as often as you want the communications that your users like the most.
Push Retargeting

· Don’t know how to communicate to your customers that they haven’t checked out?
· Want to keep that sales opportunity and let your customer know where they left off?

Users can abandon the cart for different reasons. Let them know that they have not completed the purchase process and don’t lose a sales opportunity.
Loyalty Push

· Do you want to win back those customers who haven’t connected with your brand for a long time?
· Would you prefer to prevent your users from losing their relationship with your brand?

This push will be sent automatically when your users have not interacted with your brand for a specific period of time.
Location Push

· Would you like to send a special promotion to customers passing by your store or restaurant?
· Is there any breaking news in a certain area and you want to keep your users informed?

Send the perfect communication to your users when they need it.

Why choose indigitall

Experts in technology and Marketing Automation

Set up in 15 minutes

Integrate web push on your website and start creating campaigns with our platform.

Artificial Intelligence

Make your campaigns profitable from the first moment using our AI technology.

Advanced Segmentation

Automatically personalise your messages and segment by country, municipality or street.


With our technology you can communicate with your users based on their exact location.

CRM integration

indigitall integrates with the main CRM platforms such as Saleforce or Dynamics.

Secured Data

All messages are encrypted. Furthermore, your data is safe and protected.

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