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AI Chatbot
From influencing the purchase decision, to solving your customer’s doubts in minutes. Apply artificial intelligence in your chatbot.
No waiting queues
With a chatbot you can provide easier access to customer support by avoiding the need of searching for contact details. Answering questions are automated, waiting times are shortened, and therefore customer satisfaction is improved.
24/7 support
Your clients will have the possibility of obtaining information at any time of day and at the time they want. Without having to be aware of the opening hours.
More information for your CRM system
Collect customer data and feed your database. You will be able to better outline your buyer by better understanding your consumer habits and needs.
Reach more potential customers
Include dynamic selection menus to help customers get information faster or provide multilingual support in any country in the world.
Many more advantages
Engage your customers to start a conversation, great them and let your customers know that you are available to answer any questions.
Preview in real time
The preview of what the user is typing allows the chatbot to anticipate what the user is going to ask. Giving you more scope to gather information.
Advanced Web Analytics
You can collect information on the most frequent doubts and on the hours when there can be a greater demand.
Service feedback
Your customers can rate the quality of the support and provide feedback on troubleshooting and questions.
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