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WhatsApp Business API:
improve your customer
experience 24/7
Connect your brand with your customers and join the most used communication channel in the world.
Brand like Atlético de Madrid and Bankinter trust indigitall as their WhatsApp Business API provider.
Answer your client’s questions inmediately in an automatized way
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  • Your customer has a question
    Get rid of wait time and answer your customer’s enquiry right away 24/7.
  • The enquiri is sent on WhatsApp
    Using the most direct and easy channel for your customers.
  • The chatbot answer with AI
    Using our Machine Learning technology and a catalog of frequently asked questions, many enquiries are resolved on the moment.
  • Transfer to a support agent
    If the chatbot has not been able to solve the customer’s enquiry, it will automatically be transferred to an agent.
indigitall customizes the chatbot technology and contact center to your needs
Customer Support in an instant
Thanks to the WhatsApp Business API channel, you can improve the customer service progress through:
Instant answer: waiting times are avoided compared to other channels, which saves valuable time for you and your customer.
Improvement of customer satisfaction: due to the ease and natural speed of the channel.
Fewer limitations: since your customer’s location or time zone won’t be relevant thanks to automation.
Automation with our AI chatbot technology
Our chatbot technology can solve a large percentage of client enquiries thanks to a catalog of frequently asked questions and AI algorithms, which are:
Personalized and automated answers that are personalised and relevant to each client.
Resource saving: since many of the questions are resolved before reaching customer support.
Easy conversation management
indigitall’s WhatsApp service includes a Contact Center so that you can easily and quickly manage all communications with your clients and:
Manage enriched conversations: bidirectional, including media and documents.
Manage chats: transfer conversations to other agents who can accept or reject them.
Supervision, chats and agent management
With the chat supervisor you can get an overview of all communications and agents. It allows you to:
Monitor, transfer and end conversations.
Change the status os the agents to “available” or “not available”.
Why choose indigitall
Experts in technology and Marketing Automation
Fast channel integration
Choose indigitall as your provider and get your WhatsApp channel running in a matter of days.
Good references
Atlético de Madrid and Bankinter have chosen us as their WhatsApp channel provider.
Multichannel solution
We offer a multi-channel solution through our platform with many functionalities.
Maximum security
All messages are encrypted. Furthermore, your data is safe and protected.
Want to see how it works
and start your own?
Write us and start using our platform with WhatsApp Business API as
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