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WhatsApp Business as an inbound communication channel

Connect your brand with your customers and join the world’s most used communication channel.

Create and automate meaningful conversations for customer service, sales and marketing teams.

Respond to your customers in an immediate and automated way.

How does the service work?

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  • 3
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  • 1-question

    Customer has a question

    Eliminate waiting times by using channels such as email or phone calls. Respond immediately to your customers’ questions 24/7.
  • 2-WA-Message

    The question arrives via WhatsApp

    Use the most direct and simple channel that is used by all generations: X, Y, Z, Millennial, baby boomer, etc worldwide.
  • 3-Chatbot

    The chatbot responds with AI

    We train the BOT. We apply Machine Learning and a catalog of frequently asked questions from customers. A high percentage of doubts will be solved automatically at this point. It can be connected to your CRM/ERP.
  • 4-agent

    Improved experience

    No customer will be left without service, because if the chatbot has not been able to resolve it, it will be transferred to an agent. One agent can answer several conversations in parallel, which means cost savings.

Serve your customers faster

Increase the level of satisfaction of your customers and solve their needs in real time through the chatbot.
Reduce costs, your agents will only attend to customers that the chatbot cannot solve.
The intelligent bot manages to answer a high percentage of questions thanks to a catalog of frequently asked questions and AI algorithms.
Improve the user experience with a 24×7 support service with immediate and personalized answers. Answers can include images, videos, documents, audios…
Single/Multi Product

The new way to sell through WhatsApp Business

New WhatsApp solution. Only at indigitall. We revolutionize the process of buying and selling by chat.
Add the direct purchase button to your WhatsApp Business and increase engagement, sales and take care of your customers.
If your customers have WhatsApp, why not you?

We adapt the Chatbot and Contact Center technology according to your preferences.

What are the benefits of each?


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Connect to your CRM or ERP

Real time information. Book appointments, check stock, send catalog of your products.

Integrated AI

More natural and human answers. Automatic learning and understanding of open-ended questions with multilingual support.

Improved customer experience

Reduced waiting times and increased customer satisfaction.

Attention 24/7

The service can answer any question 24/7 in any country of the world.

All kinds of answers

The bot can respond with images, audios, videos.


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Different Roles

Agent, supervisor and auditor. Manage, transfer, categorize and read several conversations at the same time from a simple control panel.

Cost savings

Optimize your resources, managing thousands of conversations at once.

Easy connection

Agents can easily connect with customers and provide personalized support through multiple chats at the same time.
personalized support through multiple chats at the same time.

Satisfied customers

Increase customer satisfaction by being present on their favorite communication channel. 64% of people prefer messaging to a call or email.

Personalized attention

Create personalized focus groups on specific topics, files, images, videos and voice memos.
contact center

The only platform valid for the following channels:

Web Chat
App Chat
Chat on Facebook
Chat on Instagram
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WhatsApp Business as an inbound communication channel

for all types of industries

Account Information
Customers can use WhatsApp to obtain information about balances, transactions or any details related to their accounts.
Product Inquiries
Customers can ask questions about specific products, their features or prices before making purchasing decisions.
Surveys and Opinions
Companies can invite customers to make comments, conduct satisfaction surveys or share their opinions about products and services.
Customer Service
Customers can send messages to the company to ask questions, make inquiries or resolve problems related to products or services.
Appointments and Reservations
Customers can use WhatsApp to make restaurant reservations, beauty salon appointments or doctor’s appointments.
Ordering and Tracking
Customers can contact the brand to get updates on the status of their orders or to make delivery inquiries.
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Why choose indigitall

Experts in technology and Marketing Automation


Quick channel creation

Choose indigitall as your integrator and you will have your WhatsApp Business API channel ready in a matter of days.

Good references

Large companies in Europe and LATAM have chosen us as an integrator of their WhatsApp Business API service.

Multichannel solution

We offer a multichannel solution through our platform with many functionalities.

Maximum security

All messages are encrypted. In addition, your data is safe and protected.
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