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Segmentation & Personalization

The key to successful communication is adding value through personalized and relevant content to our users. indigitall helps you do it in an automated way.

Segmentation, key to valuable content

To ensure relevant content, indigitall helps you include various segmentation layers in your campaigns:
User preferences based on previous clicked notifications
Location for campaigns running on certain areas or localized information
User’s browsing history in your app and website, defining triggers to send communications based on their experience
Downloaded applications to profile the user’s interests and preferences
Frequency of use of the app and the web


Our solution also allows you to personalize ads and get closer with your customers.
Address the user by name: “Dear John…”
Reference to a specific operation in real time: “You have just made a purchase of 180.46 €, …”
Remember the flight schedule: “You flight IB5566 has confirmed boarding gate A15, which will open at 5:20 pm…”

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