Chat-web – EN

ChatWeb, a chatbot for your website
Convert your website visitors into leads and your registered users into satisfied and engaged customers. indigitall’s omnichannel messaging console is designed to professionalize your user experience.
Sell Smarter
Proactively contact visitors who are about to leave your website or about to make a purchase. Our chatbot will take action at the right time, qualify your leads and automatically store them in your CRM.
Answer Quickly
Show products in real time to personalize the shopping experience and increase the sales of your business.
Deliver a Personalized Service Experience
Improve the experience and relationship with users. Take care of them in a personalized way, solve all the doubts they may have and accompany them througout the pruchase process.
Many more advantages
Increase sales
Showing products visually strengthens the purchase decision and can increase the conversion up to 30%.
Reduce abandoned carts
80% of users do not complete the purchase process. With Oct8ne you can reduce cart abandonment up to 33%.
Increase loyalty
70% of customers visit the web again within a month. The conversion of this return reaches 20%.
Boost conversion
Show various products to improve the purchase decision. Apply cross-selling or up-selling techniques when starting the conversation.
Unlimited users
Don’t worry about erasing your data as your website traffic grows. You will be able to save and access that data in any of our paid plans.
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