Smart A/B Testing – EN

New AI based Test: The future of A/B testing
Optimize your A/B tests with AI and Machine Learning from indigitall by gradually prioritizing the most profitable version of your campaign.
Classic A/B Test
Each version is tested with an equal amount of users that represent a small percentage of the total users. The version that does best is then sent to the remaining percentage of users.
Artificial Intelligence
Achieves better results with AI and “multi-armed bandit” algorithms, in which the most profitable version of your campaign is gradually prioritized from the start.
Start AI testing with indigitall
Automate your tests and get better results
Set up quickly your AI A/B Test campaigns
Get your Intelligent A/B Tests with a few clicks. You just need to have added the desired content variations, and indigitall does the rest. We recommend letting these campaigns run for 3-7 days to achieve optimal results.
Multimedia, geotargeting and crop optimization
With indigitall you have infinite possibilities for your strategy and needs!
Use videos in your push campaign
Create animated GIFs directly on the platform
Select areas for geotargeting
… and much more!
Detailed analytics and export for reports
Follow your progress and results including arrival, click through and interaction rates and download the data to include it in your reports.
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