Use Cases

Web Push in the media and entertainment industry

23 NOV. 2022
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Web Push in the media and entertainment industry

The media and entertainment sector demands that you have to adapt, as soon as possible, to the trends that are emerging. Not surprisingly, the pandemic caused a change in consumer behavior that you have to include in your promotional proposals. We tell you about the two types of notifications that can help you.


Use cases with web push in the media and entertainment sector

The following use cases with web push in this market niche will allow you to create a more modern strategy according to the tastes of your audience.


Media content

You have to draw attention to what you sell. Creating notifications for your website in video format is a success. A small preview of a concert or show can be enough to generate more interest and that it ends in a conversion.


Offers and promotions

If a client has been to a show that you have organized, you can remind them of the rest of your agenda with a message and, of course, with a small discount as a thank you for the trust they have placed in you. If you personalize each message, you will cause a pleasant feeling and the long-awaited loyalty.


One notification every two days

It is not about insisting or being heavy, rather about suggesting and inviting the purchase. It is recommended to send these messages at least 72 hours before each event, as a final reminder. Take advantage of these last days to offer the aforementioned discount.


Some examples of in app push notifications

Your business app should not be used exclusively to purchase a product or service. It must also be a point of union with your clients. To do this, the following is recommended.


Generate welcome messages with an offer

Thus, you will be able to create an added value that invites you to continue using the application in the future. A discount code for the first purchase is always appreciated. It will be a great way to know the tastes of each client to design future campaigns.


Invites to consult specific contents

You can base yourself on the type of purchase made by the client in the past to let him know the proposals that best fit his tastes. Having all the information about what you do makes your client an essential part of your activity.


Design specific campaigns for app users

Better if they have a certain duration and if they are options related to the client’s previous purchases. It’s hard to resist a discount, so you’ll achieve your goal of increasing your conversion rate. At the same time, you will make your application essential and that balance point between your website and your customers.

Contact us. indigitall offers you the option to try our services for free. We help you choose the most suitable for your company in the media and entertainment sector. Adapt it to new trends and enjoy the result. You will greatly improve the experience of your audience and you will see how each campaign is more successful than the previous one.