Sponsorship of the Spanish Hockey Team

20 DEC. 2022
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Sponsorship of the Spanish Hockey Team

Doctori and indigitall, private companies in the national territory, and that share values ​​in favor of the development and sustainable growth of society, have joined in supporting Spanish sport with their sponsorship of the Spanish Men’s Field Hockey Team Masters +35

This sponsorship had its high point in the world championship held in Nottingham (UK) where our ‘redsticks’ veterans, who stood out for their commitment, enthusiasm and camaraderie, reached the 5th position in this 2022 World Cup. All this, despite the few resources that the team has, and where Doctori and indigitall have contributed their grain of sand.

The +35 national team has done nothing more than selflessly train and organize itself to be able to achieve new successes… and who knows if a gold medal! Of course, we hope to tell you soon.

This is his fourth participation in a major tournament, having achieved several successes in previous editions, such as a 2nd place (2017 European Championship, Tilburg), and not falling below 5th place in subsequent tournaments (2018 World Cup, Tarrasa; and European 2019, Rotterdam).

And with a lot of work behind. Composed of a great team and an unbeatable staff, with a long preparation path behind them until the championship, holding concentrations throughout the country (Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Santander…). Training on his own, making family and economic efforts, sacrificing vacations… all for an illusion and passion for a sport, unfortunately, still in the minority.


That is why from Doctori & indigitall, we wanted to help the team fulfill this dream, to achieve the goal.


Successful use of indigitall by Doctori & iSalud


The Doctori & indigitall association is not only in sports, because from indigitall we continue working to help our clients develop their digital marketing strategy. We tell you about the success story of Doctori & iSalud, leader in health insurance comparators in Spain.


The added value that Doctori & iSalud achieved with indigitall


In addition to being able to compare different health insurance policies, the user has a medical, legal and veterinary chat service, a complete service to answer questions and help clients in all areas related to health. And, of course, iSalud also has an application developed exclusively for its clients.

Our team helped set up their web push notification system for users who visit the and pages.

Thanks to web push notifications, the iSalud team has been able to take advantage of different outbound marketing strategies to generate valuable conversations with their potential customers, with whom they can communicate even without them having to enter their website. By using advanced segmentation, iSalud can carry out relevant communications and inform customers about the topics that matter most to them. Something essential for both remarketing and retargeting.


Another of the great advantages of using web push notifications is the possibility of using this channel as a direct lead capture tool. Attracting high-quality traffic to the web and potential customers that significantly improve conversion rates.


Another of the key functionalities that our products offer is the possibility that iSalud has of promoting advantages and functionalities of the various brands/clients with which it collaborates, such as Adeslas Sanitas, Asisa DKV, MAPFRE, AXA, Fiatc, Caser, Asefa, Medipremium, among other. The format of the web push notifications allows the inclusion of cross-communications from other brands, always seeking the benefit for the final customers of iSalud & Doctori, with the aim of receiving useful information.


Use of functionalities based on Artificial Intelligence


The artificial intelligence functionalities offered by indigitall are also very useful in making strategic decisions, since through the intelligent A/B Test, Doctor is able to determine the best shipping times of a day, and the best days in a week, learning from the changes in use of their websites according to the seasonality of the year and patterns of consumption and browsing. Determining factors when it comes to effective and coherent communication with end users.


The A/B test applied by indigitall is not a test to use, while the campaign is being tested, the sending of the communication that is obtaining the best results is maximized (all based on machine learning technology), so the chances of campaign success increase significantly without having to make additional shipments.


Improve your conversion rate with a good customer journey


Our multichannel solutions can help you improve your communications.


Choosing the right channel according to the life cycle of each potential customer. Through a good customer journey we also reduce the rate of abandoned carts, improve conversion rates, and increase the number of leads for your sales team.


With us you can create fully automated message flows through a database with information on each lead. And, to make communication more enjoyable, you can also send images, videos or animated GIFs. Our machine learning technology allows us to understand the best time to send messages to your customers: this way we reduce bounce rates and increase the CTR of your actions.


We work with a wide variety of channels, from the website to email or smartphone apps. Our products can even help you design specific messages for WhatsApp, Telegram or Instagram, spaces where the potential audience is increasingly receptive.

The iSalud success story is one more example of everything we can do for you, and the result of the good work done by the entire indigitall team. We help our clients to improve their communications and, above all, to choose the right channels. Follow us on our social networks, try the free version of our product, and start improving your conversion rate!

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