Personalization in today’s marketing

14 JUN. 2022
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Personalization in today’s marketing

Personalization in today’s marketing

Personalization and marketing are two words that go hand in hand at the present time. In fact, it is very strange to think of current marketing without content directed towards consumers, since one-way communication has been left behind for a long time. With two-way communication established, what consumers say matters a great deal. Hence, there is this need to personalize the texts.

Tips to get a personalization of the contents

With indigitall you will have the help you need to know how to personalize your content, although you should know that this is something that is achieved over time. In fact, we are talking about a strategy that must be established and that the complexity comes with the planning of actions as such. In any case, there are four fundamental pillars to develop in a marketing plan that aims to personalize content.

1 Identification

It is about collecting the data that may be relevant about the consumers of a brand in question, as well as their preferences, habits and expectations, in such a way that all this contributes to delve into their needs.

With this data we can start designing simple but effective campaigns, such as putting the user’s name in emails. Likewise, it is advisable to recommend similar products or create digital spaces adjusted to the latest interactions.

2 Differentiation

Once we have that information, we need to break it down and segment it, in a more detailed way, based on consumer priorities. The greater the segmentation in the database, the more effective we will be. Likewise, this process favors the creation of specific content, which may be attractive to the users who receive it.

To see it more clearly, LinkedIn offers its users both products and services tailored to the needs of each person, considering from the place of residence to the industry in which they work or the job they hold.

3 Interactions

As we have mentioned, communication today is bidirectional. Therefore, not only do we see that consumers give their opinion about a company’s products and services, but it is necessary to go further, encourage that interaction and get criticism that helps us improve. In turn, it is advisable that we identify the channels that consumers like the most in order to adjust the message to the preferred medium and their requirements. Of course, to enhance effectiveness there must be a joint strategy that enhances the interaction between the different channels of the company.

4 Final customization

Although this whole process is about personalizing content, we could say that this step is the one that closes said personalization. We have the data and the means, so we only need to adapt the content so that it is of interest to the target we are addressing.


In short, personalization in current marketing is an already consolidated trend. For this reason, at indigitall we provide advice on how to personalize content in order to get more customers.


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