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WhatsApp Business API in the “delivery” business sector

24 NOV. 2021
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WhatsApp Business API in the “delivery” business sector

Digitization has become one of the top priorities for most companies. In this turbulent context, tools such as WhatsApp Business API stand as the perfect solution to respond to a growing demand and always offer quality customer service. Still don’t know her?

The benefits of the WhatsApp Business API service in the delivery sector

The delivery sector has experienced surprising growth in recent months. Attentive to the data provided by the consulting firm Kantar:

  • This year, the delivery sector has experienced a growth of 60%.
  • Up to 2.2 million consumers have been added during the pandemic to the 11 million that already normally accessed the delivery service.
  • Food delivery sales until August have multiplied by 3 compared to the same period of the previous year.

This impressive increase in demand in the delivery sector has caused real collapses in many businesses, with the consequent deterioration in customer service. That is why from indigitall we want to encourage you to be accompanied by the latest technology to avoid this fearsome consequence.

It is true that it may seem complicated at first, but fortunately there are many applications available on the market that can help you achieve it. For example, WhatsApp Business API, the business version of the leading instant messaging app. Do you want to discover all its advantages? We start with some figures that support the suitability of using this tool to serve your business customers:

  • Around 1 million users sign up for the app daily.
  • About 3 million companies already use WhatsApp Business API.
  • 84% of these consider that WhatsApp is a great help to communicate with their customers.
Specifically, this tool provides delivery companies with the following benefits:
1- Automate your customer service

Many entrepreneurs consider that automation is at odds with quality and customer satisfaction. Well, we have to tell you that there is nothing further from the truth. What’s more, nearly 40% of consumers prefer to be served by chatbots over any other customer service tool.

And if this data alone does not convince you, perhaps the following will do so: up to 90% of messages on WhatsApp are read in less than three seconds. Maximum efficiency!

2- Offer a friendly experience

Did you know that more than half of users prefer to use WhatsApp to communicate with brands? And it is that being where clients spend a large part of their time makes the communication experience much more natural and comfortable for them.

3- Get accurate service metrics

Among other data, the application allows you to know how many messages have been sent and how many of them have been read or answered. This is essential to evaluate the operation of the tool and its effectiveness in serving your customers.

4- WhatsApp Business API use cases

There are more and more cases of companies that use WhatsApp Business API, but we want to give you an example that seems most paradigmatic to us: Domino’s Pizza. The pizza delivery company has created a personalized chatbot for the WhatsApp business app in order to spread its letter in full. Apart from this utility, it is also capable of saving all the data of each client for future orders.

If you also want to take advantage of WhatsApp Business API for your business, count on our help. At indigitall we are experts in generating this cutting-edge and innovative service.