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What do inApp messages and app push notifications offer to the consumer goods sector?

23 NOV. 2022
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What do inApp messages and app push notifications offer to the consumer goods sector?

The consumer goods sector can reach its audience with ease. By using inApp or push notifications, you increase the productivity of your applications. And all thanks to the valuable information that you can provide users with great simplicity. We show you the benefits of both solutions below.

How to take advantage of inApp messages and app push
InApp messages allow you to communicate while users are in your app. One way to take advantage of them is to launch discounts. For example, if you sell perfumes, you can carry out a campaign based on the season. Thanks to this solution, you show personalized or generic offers to your audience, which will bring you a greater return.
It is also possible to use it for the continuous improvement of the application. This is done with a banner asking to rate the app and enter comments. Not all users will respond, but a significant number will. If there is any problem, you will solve it easily. Perhaps the loading time is too slow, something that you will end up knowing thanks to this use.
App push messages are displayed when the user is using their mobile device. They are an effective way to send reminders related to your store. For example, if you sell clothing, you’ll be able to report on any new trends or collections you’re marketing. The public will find out in a simple and non-intrusive way, just by looking at their phone screen.
Another use is to send exclusive and personalized offers. These are messages with a higher opening rate, since they include the user’s name. In addition, an attractive accompanying text helps you achieve the best results.

The most important benefits
For starters, app push notifications deliver immediate and direct information. They are a form of communication that does not require the use of the application. This allows you to send relevant data without obstacles and in a place as visible as a mobile screen. Likewise, the user has the possibility of accessing the app by touching the message box.
Thus, you manage to increase sales of the products or services that interest you the most. By sending messages with what users want, you encourage them to end up buying.Using inApp messages and app push notifications, you can target a geolocated audience, something that helps you increase sales in a certain area. They are also useful for improving the consistency of the brand, which will be easier for users to recognize. They are even beneficial for increasing the time spent on your app.
In short, the consumer goods sector has two new allies. inApp messages and push app notifications reach your users directly and without obstacles. If you want to start using them, we take care of carrying out an implementation adapted to your needs. Discover our demo !