The CDTI endorses indigitall’s innovative plan developing artificial intelligence

20 MAY. 2022
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The CDTI endorses indigitall’s innovative plan developing artificial intelligence

The Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI) of the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation recognizes and rewards the capacity for innovation and development of new emerging technologies of indigitall by subsidizing its indigitall Customer Communication Cloud program. This project is based on the creation and development of an intelligent solution in SaaS model of digital communication with the client using artificial intelligence technologies to establish an intelligent, automated, enriched, personalized and segmented communication with customers through their digital devices, using different channels such as mobile applications, web pages and connected cars.

The CDTI has especially valued the indigitall platform in terms of its ability to connect in a simple and integral way to the management systems of companies (CRMs, BBDD) and, at the same time, its robustness and power since it includes artificial intelligence and machine learning features capable of working on any digital device. indigitall also offers a complete omnichannel communication and analysis strategy with the incorporation of new communication channels: WhatsApp (AI Bot & Contact Center), Mobile Wallet, Android and Apple Car Notifications, and Facebook Messenger.

Specifically, the artificial intelligence modules developed by indigitall have been the intelligent AB test, sending the best moment, analysis of the influence of words and feelings, predictive guide for the creation of communications and segmentation according to the risk of churn. These applications drive customer awareness by companies increasing their responsiveness to real and future demand.

indigitall is successfully building its innovative and visionary leadership in digital transformation through the development of artificial intelligence, essential for increasing business competitiveness. In addition, a woman leads the area of data and artificial intelligence which confirms indigitall’s commitment to gender equality and the promotion of women in the technology sector.

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