Create Deeper Connections with indigitall’s Customer Journey Platform

03 JUL. 2024
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Create Deeper Connections with indigitall’s Customer Journey Platform

Create Deeper Connections with indigitall’s Customer Journey Platform

Well-designed customer journey platforms allow marketers to create and automate personalized experiences for customers across lifecycles and channels, encouraging gains in engagement, conversions, and customer lifetime value. 

Still, many customer journey platforms leave marketers wanting more—more options for connecting with more customers to boost sales and retention, more ways to learn about customers and personalize their journeys, and more opportunities to make the most of inbound and outbound channels where customers are engaging. 

Where other customer journey tools fail to live up to expectations, indigitall’s customer journey orchestration capabilities solve marketers’ top paint points. Here’s how. 

Solve Your Top Customer Journey Orchestration Pain Points with indigitall

1. Managing multiple customer channels efficiently

Too often customer journey platforms lack sufficient support for the channels customers want to use to engage with brands and the channels marketers want to use to engage with customers. That’s where indigitall stands out, offering a unified solution for streamlined inbound and outbound customer engagement. 

indigitall’s marketing automation platform features customer journey orchestration capabilities for delivering real-time personalized campaigns and experiences across:


  • Inbound channels: WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, web- and app-based live chat, and Microsoft Teams
  • Outbound channels: WhatsApp, app-based and web-based push notifications, in-app messaging, in-browser messaging, email, SMS, mobile wallet, Android Auto, and Apple Car

2. Difficulty personalizing the customer journey for a cohesive experience 

Research consistently shows the value of personalization. A 2024 study found that 81% of consumers prefer companies that deliver a personalized experience and McKinsey & Company reports that businesses that excel at personalization drive 40% more revenue than companies with average personalization capabilities.

But personalizing customer experiences across channels is a challenge. 


Where other platforms fall short, indigitall helps marketers deliver stronger results by:

  • Detecting trends and patterns in customers’ browsing and location history, preferences, and engagement activity for smarter segmentation
  • Tracking, analyzing, and acting on user interactions
  • Using customer insights from across channels to send more relevant updates and personalize offers, promotions, and campaigns
  • Harnessing the power of predictive analytics to select the next best path for individuals based on their stage in the customer journey and past behavior
  • Identifying the best channel at the individual level based on driving maximum engagement 
  • Uncovering the best time for outreach for customers based on when they’re most likely to be responsive
  • Automatically sending the best-performing campaigns based on real-time testing and optimization

3. Maximizing the strengths of each messaging channel

Every channel has its advantages and disadvantages. While boasting unmatched open rates, SMS is susceptible to abuse by spammers, with American receiving billions of spam texts annually. Email, meanwhile, is one of the longest-standing digital marketing channels that consistently delivers strong results, but it’s also highly saturated, with hundreds of billions of emails sent and received daily worldwide.

With an all-in-one cross-channel customer journey platform like indigitall, brands can make the most of every channel, leveraging the most effective channels to reach customers based on their preferences and engagement patterns. indigitall also is continuously adding support for new popular channels that aren’t as widely used by brands, increasing the odds of stronger engagement. 

Deliver Results with an AI-Powered Customer Journey Orchestration Platform

From McDonald’s to Iberia, leading brands across industries have teamed up with indigitall to strengthen their customer relationships and drive financial outcomes. Discover how our capabilities enable marketers to launch and optimize automated, personalized omnichannel customer engagement campaigns: Get our Customer Journey with AI eBook.

We’ve helped brands achieve impressive gains in user engagement, monetization, and retention KPIs, including uplifts in user sessions, sales, LTV, and user lifecycles. Schedule a demo today and see what we can do for your team. 



Written by: Mary Kearl

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