Interactive Messages to Increase Conversion: The Magic of Movement

08 JUL. 2024
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Interactive Messages to Increase Conversion: The Magic of Movement

Interactive Messages to Increase Conversion: The Magic of Movement

Getting users to notice our content and keep them interested is an ongoing challenge. Brands are constantly looking for new ways to stand out from the crowd and connect with their audiences in more meaningful ways.

Interactive messages are an effective way to achieve success. By integrating dynamic and interactivity components, these messages get users’ interest, prolong their stay on the site, and ultimately encourage conversions.

What are interactive messages?

Interactive messages are any type of content that invites users to actively participate . They include elements such as:


They represent a dynamic method of presenting products or services, capturing attention in an effective and entertaining way. In addition, they are used to create interactive experiences, such as allowing users to choose different camera angles or pausing the video to learn more. They also help to understand difficult concepts or companies with very technical services.


They use visuals to break down and display complex data in a way that is easy to  understand. They are made interactive by adding elements such as quizzes or hotspots that allow users to explore the information in more detail.


They provide users to estimate the cost of a product or service or determine if it is suitable for their needs. This tool stands out for its effectiveness in creating sales opportunities and boosting the increase in conversion rates.


They are a fun and engaging way to interact with users. They are used to boost the visibility of products or services, attract potential customers or just offer a pleasant experience to users.


This method proves to be an effective way to collect user data and thus understand more clearly what they require. Use it to segment your audience and send more relevant personalized messages.


They represent a type of artificial intelligence designed to emulate conversational interactions with people. You can use them to provide customer support, answer questions, or even make sales.

The Psychology Behind the Claim: Why Are Conversions Increasing?

The power of interactive messages lies in their ability to spark curiosity, stimulate emotion, and generate genuine engagement with the user.

By interacting with the content, it actively engages, which strengthens message retention and creates a memorable experience. These elements achieve:

  • Attract attention: they stand out thanks to their energy and visual charm, attracting the viewer’s eye immediately.
  • Increase engagement: By allowing the user to interact with the content, they encourage greater engagement and connection with the brand.
  • Enhance understanding: the incorporation of visual elements along with interactivity greatly improves the assimilation of complex ideas, making the material more captivating and easier to remember.
  • Generate emotions: they evoke positive emotions in the user, such as surprise, fun or excitement, which strengthens the connection with the brand and increases the likelihood of purchase.
  • Incentivize action: By including clear and engaging calls to action, they guide the user to the next desired step, whether it’s a purchase, subscription, or download.

The human mind is a complex wonder. She is drawn to the unusual, the novel, and the emotion-provoking. Multimedia interactions play on these sensitive fibers. The integration of visual and tactile components stimulates brain regions associated with pleasure and gratification. It’s as if they’re saying, “Look at this! Touch it! Explore!”

Interactive messages also break the monotony. In a world saturated with static information, an animated GIF or an eye-catching button is like a breath of fresh air. 

The user experiences a sense of uniqueness, as if they were part of something exceptional and exclusive. And when they feel that way, they are more willing to take the next step: buying, subscribing or sharing, being one of the most effective marketing strategies to attract consumers with our communications.

Examples of multimedia messages to increase conversions

  • Custom reply buttons are a type of interaction that not only increases click-through rate, but also user satisfaction. Imagine receiving a message asking, “Want to find out more about our exclusive offers?” Next to the question, three buttons: “Sure!”, “Maybe later” and “No thanks”. The choice is yours.
  • A GIF is worth a thousand words, so why not use them to show how your product or service works? A GIF that displays the features of a new smartphone or the process of assembling a piece of furniture can be the spark that ignites the flame of conversion.
  • Notifications of  limited stock generate urgency and activate the buying instinct.” There are only 3 units left in stock!” The user knows that they must act fast so as not to miss the opportunity. 
  • An automaker creates an interactive video that allows the user to customize a virtual vehicle, choosing colors, options, and accessories.
  • A tourism company develops an interactive infographic that allows the user to explore different travel destinations, visualize images and obtain detailed information about each place.
  • Engaging the user in a survey or quiz allows you to gain valuable insights into their preferences and needs, which will help you personalize your message and increase conversions.
  • If your business provides a product or service with a variable price, an interactive calculator is a useful tool for the user to estimate the cost quickly and easily.

Interactive messages are the future of digital communication. With their ability to engage and convert, they represent an unprecedented opportunity for brands looking to innovate in their customer approach. 

The key is in the magic of movement: moving users not only to act, but to connect and become brand ambassadors. At indigitall, we are experts in creating interactive messages that will help you increase your conversions and achieve your digital marketing goals.

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