Can the use of Generative Artificial Intelligence improve customer service?

03 JUL. 2023
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Can the use of Generative Artificial Intelligence improve customer service?

The existence of Generative Artificial Intelligence is a sign of the rapid and constant technological evolution. This tool has revolutionized communication and has become an essential aid for the customer service area.
For this reason, in indigitall we want to let you know what it is based on, what is its importance and its benefits. Pay attention, then, in the following lines, we detail it to you.

What are its features?

Take note.

  • It is designed to learn automatically and does not need to add data manually to be more efficient.

  • It simulates a very realistic conversation in front of customers. In addition, it understands context and intent.

  • The development of its algorithms has the ability to understand complex instructions and reason very advanced requests.

  • It has multilingual support, which facilitates communication with customers or potential customers from other countries. This facilitates the global expansion of an e-commerce.

Why is Generative AI important for customer service?

The role of this omnichannel platform is revolutionizing customer service. We highlight its importance in the following aspects:

  • It improves the quality of service and thus raises the level of customer satisfaction.

  • The use of this tool makes it possible to stand out from the competition and increase the reputation and recommendations of the business.

  • Provides useful information and helps to prioritize and listen to customers.

  • This artificial intelligence will help maintain a good relationship with the user. In addition, it pays attention and prioritizes a very important factor: time.

Benefits of its use

We present them to you.

  • It automates frequent questions, answers and tasks. It also reduces the workload of customer service agents and response times.

  • Customers can interact with the system in real time. It allows them to ask various questions and receive immediate answers in a fluid conversation.

  • Customer data is a valuable tool. It contributes to a better understanding of their preferences and needs.

  • It helps personalize the customer experience. As there is more interaction, personalization will be enhanced.

  • Thanks to interaction, customers’ feelings can be analyzed. This leads to identifying and proactively addressing any mishaps.

Now that you have acquired more knowledge about generative AI, we encourage you to use it in your e-commerce to maintain fluid communication with your customers.

In this way, you will improve their experience and meet their needs effectively.

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