Gain productivity by applying AI to your Customer Journey campaigns

10 JUL. 2023
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Gain productivity by applying AI to your Customer Journey campaigns

The intelligent text generator for push, sms and email campaigns streamlines the creative process saving time, costs and improving results… in seconds!

indigitall has implemented ChatGPT within web push, app push, SMS and email campaigns to make the use of generative artificial intelligence fully integrated into Customer Journey and easier to use. This way, just by typing a short description of your idea for the different touchpoints where you use the mentioned channels, the program will write a text according to the tone you have chosen (casual, professional, direct, confident, friendly, funny or excited).

Multi-language: The advantage of this module is that you can develop your campaigns in the user’s native language, since the use of the native language enhances the consumer’s interest and creates more permanent links with the brand. In a very simple way, you can create the campaign in any language and select other options, such as the insertion of emojis or the introduction of keywords to achieve a greater focus of the message.

Using this module you will be able to establish greater consistency and diversity in your Customer Journey messages. You will be able to detect which tones of voice work best with the different segments and, after analyzing them, you will be able to use other tones at those touchpoints where there has been little or no reaction from your users. In a few seconds, you will get a message with a different tone but keeping the essence of the content and without the headaches of inventing several different texts on the same topic.

Likewise, ChatGPT is essential for those daily and repetitive notifications, where the chatbot can help us with creative texts over and over again.



  • Creation of push, SMS and email campaigns in seconds.
  • Greater consistency in the overall tone of the Customer Journey.
  • Quick change of tone when communications are not working.
  • Development of texts in any language.
  • Use of 7 different voice tones to adapt to different segments of your audience and dynamize communication.
  • Optional use of emojis
  • More direct approach using keywords
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