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SMS for Retail

23 NOV. 2022
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SMS for Retail

The retail sector frequently uses SMS communications to establish contact with customers. It is a very effective way to impact them and, moreover, immediately. indigitall offers you some keys so that your company can enjoy the benefits of an option that is currently widely accepted.

These are the main uses of the SMS for retail sector
Businesses belonging to the retail sector have known how to take advantage of the messages that are sent to mobile phones. For some years now, SMS use cases have been as diverse as they are successful. In this article we compile some of the main ones.

1. Notice of rebates and sales promotions
This channel allows you to notify when the sales period begins or on which dates customers will be able to benefit from sales promotions. It can also refer to discounts with which you want to reward a certain number of customers for their loyalty. That is the case of vip sales, such as those that are based on an advance of the sales.

2. Invitation to an event
When an establishment presents a new product or celebrates an event, such as an anniversary, it usually invites its customers by SMS. It is enough to indicate the time and the reason for the celebration to inform the public that they can attend the event.

3. Appointment reminder
Making sure that the client will not miss an appointment set in advance is easier through this means of communication. It will be enough to send him a message one or several days before the event as a reminder.

4. Generate quality traffic to the website
The SMS may include a link that redirects to the business website. This is quality traffic, since they are already a client of the company or have had contact with it. You can also add, for example, a discount code.

5. Avoid abandoned carts
If a customer has added one or more products to their cart and has not completed the purchase, it is time to encourage them to do so. It can be achieved just by reminding them or telling them about a discount that is tempting.

6. Make use of retargeting
When customers visit an online store for the first time, they do not always make a purchase. It is necessary to insist on visiting it again and they can decide to formalize the order. An SMS can be crucial, especially if it includes an offer or the promise of free shipping.

7. Report the arrival of an order
It is used when a person makes a purchase online and requests to pick it up at the physical store. The message that will arrive on your mobile will let you know that your order is available for you.

These options are just a sample of the use given to SMS communications in the retail sector. If you want more information, visit the indigitall website and discover our services. Contact us and follow us on LinkedIn so you don’t miss our news!