Maximize your investment in Salesforce with new digital channels and AI

23 OCT. 2023
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Maximize your investment in Salesforce with new digital channels and AI

indigitall develops several connectors to add into the Marketing Cloud Customer Journey and a complete integration of our Contact Center platform into the Service Cloud, including the next generation of chatbots with generative AI.

The indigitall integration with the Salesforce platform means access to greater immediacy, flexibility and support at a lower cost. Specifically, indigitall does not charge for each device where the notification is sent, which means a more competitive price and a higher ROI for each campaign.

Marketing Cloud

The indigitall connector integrates the development of optimized AI communications through App, Web, Mobile Wallet, WhatsApp and SMS within the Customer Journey of Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

indigitall offers two channels that don’t exist in Salesforce: web push notifications and the Mobile Wallet. We also add functionalities, especially for push apps, and less cost in other digital channels: WhatsApp, SMS, etc.

  • Improving the customer experience with the WhatsApp service through the Contact Center platform with the option of adding a chatbot with generative Artificial Intelligence.
  • Increasing lead capture with web push service (not included in Salesforce) and more advanced app push notifications.
  • Sending PKPASS files through the mobile app to download on Mobile Wallet.
  • Achieving greater impact with video, animated GIFs and images, more innovative applications compared to Salesforce.
  • Real-time analytics and triggering other actions based on the click event.

Service Cloud

The Contact Center platform focused on customer service is fully integrable with Salesforce to enable your customers to communicate through all digital channels. With this integration, you will enjoy the advantages of the Contact Center in terms of agent management, different roles and a chatbot fully customized for your business thanks to generative artificial intelligence within a fully controlled and secure context.

  • Direct link to user profile file to edit.
  • Immediate opening of the case (introduction of the whatsapp conversations).
  • Configurable form to save the data into the case.

Increasing your ROI

Salesforce, the world’s No. 1 CRM, joins forces with indigitall to offer its clients the most cutting-edge innovation in the area of automated marketing with a lower investment per campaign given the sending of communications to segmented audiences generating higher conversion.


Unlike Salesforce, which charges for each message sent to a device, indigitall doesn’t charge for each device, which means you can create more campaigns. This way, you’ll generate more clicks at the same price.


It should also be noted that Salesforce is very focused on managing communications with registered customers, while indigitall offers a comprehensive radar of the general audience, registered and unregistered users. Through indigitall’s channels, you will be able to communicate with your regular customers and build their loyalty, as well as open new campaigns to attract new customers.


indigitall also offers the ability to segment audiences to make your messages more relevant and achieve a higher conversion rate. This way you can create campaigns taking into account the interests of the users, the location of their devices or their WiFi connection and the apps installed on the smartphone.

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