Marketing Automation: a legion of minions in the department

21 AUG. 2023
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Marketing Automation: a legion of minions in the department

Can you imagine a legion of minions or goblins working in marketing? Marketing automation is synonymous with multiplication of work and results with the minimum investment of time and resources.

Marketing automation is the technological process that allows the sending of automatic and controlled communications in a digital environment. The use of marketing automation gives a high impact to a greater audience in a personalized way at the most optimal moment, in addition to having a complete analysis of user behavior.

The tasks of marketing automation offer the most optimal management of time and resources to focus on strategy and understanding data to improve our results in a more effective way. This means that marketers can focus on tasks that are more rewarding, creative, analytical and have a greater impact on the overall outcome of economic activity.

Specifically, a study by Deloitte finds that more than 50% of organizations are planning to incorporate marketing automation and artificial intelligence systems during this year. A report by PwC estimates that AI and marketing automation – driving consumer demand across the manufacturing industry – could contribute 45% of global economic gains by 2030. Obviously, marketing automation and artificial intelligence are playing an essential role in improving competitiveness and increasing results in today’s market. And, it seems clear that this trend will intensify in the future.


indigitall Console

At indigitall we developed a technological platform focused on marketing automation and the development of artificial intelligence and the customer journey. Our only administration panel – the indigitall console – is a benchmark for how to draw up an automated, personalized and omnichannel strategy in a simple, configurable and flexible way.

Our console allows you to automate tasks through each of your digital channels responding to different events (click on a banner, browsing a section of the web, opening an email, asking a question in the whatsapp channel …) and other different parameters (birthdays, calendar campaigns, location, interest groups …).

Marketing automation gives the option to send customized content to different groups of our audience or depending on the certain events and circumstances of a specific user. In this way, we achieve better results by sending more interesting messages to our audience, thus improving the conversion rate and their user experience. The indigitall console allows customization according to these criteria:

– Based on the user’s profile (age, location…)
– Subscription to newsletter or specific topics
– Web browsing
– Behavior: Any event that can be recorded (click, email opening…)
– Geolocation
– Mobile type and browser
– WiFi network
– Predicting abandonment


Customer Journey

Marketing automation takes special relevance in the development of the customer journey that involves the automation of all interactions between the brand and the user, through all the digital channels integrated in the console. Likewise, indigitall develops artificial intelligence and machine learning modules to further boost good results by predicting behavioral models and processing the huge amount of data obtained.

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The Customer Journey platform improves the user experience and the conversion rates of each communication and the final goal. All this is achieved thanks to the automatic tasks that are carried out immediately or scheduled and the maximum degree of personalization that is achieved through the segmentation of the audience and identification of events for each user.

A complete customer journey will bring us closer communication with our users by building deeper loyalty links, taking into account all possible interactions and behaviors.

Case Studies

The cases for Customer Journey are multiple and diverse depending on the nature of your business. We have listed some examples of marketing automation:

– Personalized Offer: Drive related sales (upselling, cross-selling).
– Retargeting: Recovery of abandoned carts or unsent forms through reminder communications and incentives.
Feedback: Opinion polls and discounts for positive ratings.
– Subscription: Welcome messages and feeling of community.
– Process tracking: Sending real-time communications about orders or returns.
– Events: Messages scheduled for certain user behaviors.

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