Web push notifications are essential for improving website traffic

07 AUG. 2023
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Web push notifications are essential for improving website traffic

Technology offers you the opportunity to stay in touch with your customers, benefiting your business. It also provides a way to attract new customers and cultivate their interest in the services and products you offer. For this purpose, web push notifications play an important role in the success of a business with a website.

How do web push notifications work?

They are defined as texts or messages sent from a website through the browser. They provide more information about updates or valuable movements generated by the site. Since these notifications are configured and linked to a website, there’s no need to download an application or program. These direct messages increase interaction and the acquisition of new customers. This is because they allow you to reach out to users who have visited the page while you were absent, even when the user is no longer on the website. These alerts provide notifications, offers, promotions, tips, useful information, transactional details, shipping updates, cart abandonment messages, among others.

Benefits of using push notifications

An increasing number of companies aiming for business growth have utilized push notifications to achieve their business goals. Let’s analyze the most important benefits of choosing these notifications:

  • High engagement ratio: Maintaining consumer and user interaction is crucial during the marketing process. When comparing the engagement ratios of emails with web push notifications, it’s evident that the latter has 4 times more impact than emails. Statistics show that emails have an average click-through rate of 2.4%, while web push notifications have an 8.5% click-through rate.
  • High Opt-in ratio: Web push notifications have 3 times more impact in terms of Opt-in rates compared to emails, depending on the country, sector, and website you have. This highlights their significant value as a tool.
  • Engagement with unregistered users: The vast majority of people who visit a website do not register or provide their contact information. Thanks to these notifications, you can still engage with users even without having their email address.

Why did you decide to use push notifications?

If you are considering adding this feature to the services you provide on your website, you will have the opportunity to advance and increase your customer base. It’s essential to remember that when a user visits a page, it is not mere chance; in most cases, they are looking for something you have to offer. Opting for web push notifications contributes to:

Attracting new users and keeping them informed: With this system, you can provide more information about site updates that are of interest to both existing and new users. Additionally, when a customer doesn’t complete the purchase process, it’s usually due to doubts, so resolving them is ideal for finalizing a purchase.

  • Access from any device: Having the freedom to operate on any device, whether it’s a computer, smartphone, or tablet, is a great long-term benefit.
  • Non-invasiveness: These notifications work based on the user’s acceptance of notifications. When accepted, they will appear as soon as the user opens the browser, even when they are not on your website. Furthermore, users can deactivate these notifications at any time.
  • Effectiveness: The chances of users seeing the notifications are high because they don’t end up in the mailbox, which is often not checked regularly. This way, potential leads for the products and services provided by your company are created.


In conclusion, indigitall’s web push notifications are a powerful tool that provides greater visibility of the website’s traffic quality. This allows you to act at the right moment with effective messages to the user.

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