How to get customers with WhatsApp Business API

11 APR. 2022
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How to get customers with WhatsApp Business API

Do you already have a database with potential buyers or with people who trusted your product previously? It’s time to build customer loyalty with WhatsApp Business and, why not, for them to become prescribers of your brand. Connect with them by creating an original profile and with useful information about your company, and follow the tips that we propose. Generate sales with these simple tricks; the possibilities offered by the application are enormous.

Tips to increase your sales through WhatsApp Business

Did you know that, according to research by Forbes, WhatsApp’s open rate is 98%? A fact that makes this service become your best ally. Of course, to get customers with WhatsApp Business you have to use the platform with rigor and criteria so that, among other things, they do not perceive you as an intrusive brand. Apply these recommendations to make your business thrive and remember: every message is an opportunity to make an impact.

  1. Welcome Message
    Make the customer feel unique from the start with a personalized message. Address him by name, express your gratitude, and reach out to him. Every detail counts to make them feel part of your community.

  2. Abandon capitalization and take advantage of emojis
    Some marketers write their entire messages in all caps, perhaps to optimize their time. But you should know that this practice is counterproductive to your goal: customers, especially younger audiences, will have the feeling that you are yelling at them.
    In order not to generate rejection, your messages must be warmer and enhance complicity. Use emojis to be closer; they will help you express emotions. Of course, do not abuse them.

  3. Avoid being seen as a robot
    Use a real name, with last names, and don’t accompany your name with words like “Sales.” You should not be as informal as when you address your relatives, but friendly. Of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t use automations.

  4. Study the information that is most demanded by your customers and generate a clear and orderly menu
    Carrying out an internal study to know what are the most frequently asked questions and doubts will help you start organizing the information you must give to satisfy your customers.

  5. Try to include the possibility of always talking to a human agent
    Although you include in your answer options most possibilities, if possible always include the option of being able to talk to a human agent. Since no matter how much you offer a wide range of possibilities, this option provides a lot of confidence to users.

  6. Don’t spam
    Mass propaganda will lead to the direct blocking of your customers. The ideal is to send content of segmented value according to the purchase status of your users and the needs that your customers claim.

Take note of these simple steps to achieve customers with WhatsApp Business API and remember that we can help you improve your conversion and engagement with all kinds of features, such as animated images or artificial intelligence. Follow us on social media to learn more about this marketing tool and many other advantages for your business!

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