Encrypted Push: 100% secure communication for the financial sector

24 JUL. 2023
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Encrypted Push: 100% secure communication for the financial sector

Discover how to protect the business information and data of your customers and suppliers

Cybersecurity is a global risk. From an individual perspective, there is a growing discomfort and danger in the face of the emails or SMS, too many and increasingly credible, claiming to be your bank or one of your trusted providers to obtain your credentials and personal data. And at the global level, the alert is maximum for governments, public organizations and the business world. The World Economic Forum in its 2023 Global Cybersecurity Outlook focuses on the global nature of cybersecurity and the need to find intelligent solutions to protect company information, as well as the data of our customers and suppliers.

This report details that in February 2022, a cyberattack on commercial satellite services in Ukraine caused electricity-generating wind farms to shut down across central Europe. In July 2021, supermarkets in Sweden were forced to close their doors after a cyberattack on an IT services provider, based in Florida, USA.


Two-factor authentication

The European directive PSD2 on electronic payments requires the use of a double authentication factor (2FA) to ensure the reliability and origin of the data. In this way, in addition to having the device to receive the OTP code (one time password), it is also necessary to know a password or identify yourself biometrically.

There are other methods of double authentication such as the software token (soft token) that is hosted on the user’s device. For this reason, it presents more security problems when it can be hacked by computer viruses or through social engineering tactics. On the other hand, encrypted pushes provide greater security since the user will never be able to visualize their OTP code or, therefore, communicate it to a hacker. Likewise, encrypted push notifications achieve a higher rate of successfully completed transactions due to their ease of use offering an amazing user experience.


Encrypted Push benefits

Encrypted pushes are special app push notifications and, therefore, it is necessary that the user has downloaded our App in order to make the sending. Encrypted pushes are the only 100% secure and verified channel. In addition to having the fulfillment of the double authentication factor, they have a verified origin and no application can access their contents. Moreover, indigitall has implemented several measures (point-to-point encryption, https protocol, device linking, contingency method…) to reinforce its security and dedicates exclusive resources to guarantee its maximum operability and robustness.


Therefore, we are facing a solution specially designed for banking and the financial sector assuming compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD) since it does not capture data and financial compliance. It should also be noted that these notifications get up to 40% more conversions thanks to their greater impact.

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