The hand that rocks the smartphone rules the world

31 JUL. 2023
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The hand that rocks the smartphone rules the world

Discover the 8 digital channels for your audience’s mobile


Samsung, Apple and Xiaomi were the three best-selling brands in the world in the first quarter of 2023, being the leaders of the mobile industry. The average global population using smartphones last year amounted to 68%, a figure much higher in developed countries reaching 82% in the United States and Canada, and 79% in Europe.


The use of the mobile gives great immediacy to all the queries that are made through the device from everywhere and at any time. In relation to ecommerce, where initially there was a greater preference for desktop support, the latest figures detail that 74% of visits to ecommerce websites are made from smartphones that make 63% of global purchases, these figures being higher in Asia.


Therefore, we see that the use of mobile continues to grow as a method of communication and business development. Hence the importance of having communication channels that go directly to the mobile of our audience because on that screen the attention of our users is focused. indigitall has developed several services to improve digital communication and boost your sales independently or by creating a strategy with several channels through the Customer Journey. And all this with artificial intelligence modules that manage to improve the results thanks to the analysis of data and simulation of multiple scenarios.


Push notifications

App push messages are aimed at those who have downloaded your app and encourage their consultation and use with communications about news, notices and offers. There is the possibility that they are encrypted – totally secure and with the double authentication factor – in case you deal with confidential information or economic transactions.

On the other hand, web push notifications go directly to the mobile device through immediate, scheduled shipments or with the help of artificial intelligence. The iOS 16.4 update released last April allows, for the first time, the reception of web push by Apple users on their iPhones and iPads.


These notifications are fully personalized and allow the segmentation of the audience in relation to the profile, topics, location, navigation and behavior, frequency of use, type of device / browser, churn prediction and in case of push apps, we can also rely on external applications and WiFi connection.




This solution allows the personalization of the app and website of the users according to their profile, behavior and location in an automated process. In this way, the user experience is improved and the use of the app and web is enhanced, as well as being a very beneficial tool for the use of advertising and promotional spaces, data forms and satisfaction surveys.



WhatsApp Commerce

The WhatsApp channel has been a revolution in communication and now you can also sell your products through this popular App. Through a simple message you can show your product catalog and the user, through 3 unique clicks, will make the purchase of your products. indigitall is a provider of WhatsApp business solutions with the recognition of Partner Business of Meta.



Contact Center

This service is designed for customer service through a chatbot and an unlimited number of agents. It is a flexible and configurable tool that integrates with WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram channels, as well as app and web services.


This omnichannel platform reduces costs and increases customer satisfaction as the chatbot speeds up responses while agents can manage between 5-6 conversations simultaneously. The 3 available roles – agent, supervisor and auditor – cover all the needs of the service, including viewing and resuming conversations made by the chatbot before and after the 24-hour period.



Mobile Wallet

This channel is the one that best interacts between the digital and physical worlds. Undoubtedly, essential for loyalty programs with their points cards as well as their essential digital tickets through QR codes, in addition to their direct notifications to the mobile that are stored in the wallet.

The mobile wallet is a very powerful tool that does not require the investment of creating or maintaining an App. The simple use, the instant updating of contents and the permanent storage of messages in the user’s wallet make it a dynamic and very attractive channel.




SMS is the only channel with a 99% open rate. These messages work great with segmented audiences and personalized communications. Among its functionalities is the link shortener and the automation of the opt-out requirement to comply with the GDPR regulations.

SMS is an essential complement to the Customer Journey for multichannel strategies thanks to its great reach and very high conversion.




Email is also a great ally for customer journey strategies, being very effective in conjunction with other channels.

Email marketing is a strategy already consolidated and increasingly designed for the mobile format given its immediacy. Email messages should be simple, engaging, interactive, and with few calls to action to centralize the user’s attention. It is also necessary to comply with the GDPR regulations and avoid the mass sending of emails.




The notification repository allows direct access and maximum control of the messages received, generating a feeling of maximum security and confidence for the user. In this way, your messages will be saved on the client’s mobile improving their user experience by having important communications accessible at any time.


These eight indigitall services are key to establishing adequate communication with your audience in a personalized and automated way using artificial intelligence. Improving the user experience, you will be able to attract more leads and retain customers while the use of a single platform will allow you to optimize processes, reduce expenses and increase profitability and productivity.

Source: Statista

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