Adapting to consumer needs, Envialia integrates WhatsApp Business API with indigitall

24 NOV. 2021
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Adapting to consumer needs, Envialia integrates WhatsApp Business API with indigitall

Do you know Envialia, the Spanish parcel company? At indigitall we consider it to be a good example for you to discover all the possibilities of the WhatsApp Business API. The company has a chatbot on the platform, through which the most frequent doubts of customers are resolved. Beyond the automated responses with this conversational assistant, you can also talk to an agent, one-on-one.

Below, we will show you the functionalities of this live chat that the delivery company has launched. Do not miss it!

Envialia’s profile on WhatsApp

When you access to chat with Envialia you can see their logo, accompanied by their ‘claim’, the hashtag #cargadosdeoptimismo. In addition, if you click on his avatar, you will read his welcome message and the data included in his company account on WhatsApp. It describes itself as an “express courier company”, and incorporates an email account, as well as the web and physical addresses of its headquarters, in its file. Simple, right?

What functionalities does a live chat bring to the client?

The customer is greeted with a simple “Can we help you?”, So that he can access one of these possibilities through the chat: “My closest Service Center”, “Shipping and tracking information”, “I want conditions and rates” and “I want to work at Envialia.” Each of these options is within the same menu, differentiated through an identification number that will make interaction with the customer much easier and more comfortable. He only has to respond with the number associated with his choice and, immediately, the corresponding message will appear before him. Although, as it is an express courier company, one of the most consulted options will be about the status of the shipments.

If you decide on the first alternative, you will read; «Press 1 if you want to contact your closest ‘CS’», on the other hand, what if you want to check rates? You must indicate if you are an individual or a company, and then you will receive a link to the corresponding website along with the suggestion to type “agent” if you prefer a live chat with a member of the Customer Service team for more information.

In addition, the WhatsApp Business API allows to establish synergies. And it is that through this bot, the user can even consult information on how to work with them. If you want to be one of their employees, for example, through WhatsApp they will tell you that you must pass a test to access their database while waiting for a vacancy.

A tool full of possibilities

WhatsApp has become one of the main customer service channels for this company that takes advantage of this platform to let its recipients know that it is actively listening to them. It adapts to the new times with this channel that is accessed more quickly and comfortably (and for free!). It is not a simple copy and paste, but a tool that will help you to quickly resolve your generic queries and, on the other hand, to personally contact someone from the team, feel heard and respond as soon as possible to your request.

As you have seen with the Envialia example, the WhatsApp Business API offers you the possibility of automating processes, ideal if your company handles a significant number of clients. It is another way to increase your conversions and improve your engagement, to which you can add other functionalities that we offer you at indigitall.

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