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The travel sector can take even more advantage of its mobile applications

23 NOV. 2022
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The travel sector can take even more advantage of its mobile applications

It is only necessary to send the appropriate notification based on the situation of each client. To get the best results, inApp communication and app push are the solutions you are looking for. If you want to know how they work, indigitall gives you the keys below.

The application of inApp communications and app push notifications
inApp messages and app push notifications have to be used at the right time. It is about offering useful information to the user, a discount or, simply, to rate the application. These are just a few examples, but you can do much more with these types of solutions. The travel sector is one of the sectors with the most possibilities.

Regarding inApp communications, an example of use is to design a banner. It appears in different areas of the screen, such as the top, to provide information. Keep in mind that it is displayed when the user logs in, so it will be one of the first items they see. When placing a message, calls to action are very recurring. You can tell them to download your app and show their score to convince them.

With app push notifications, you have several usage options. One is the sending of useful information about the destination that the user will visit. The state of the weather or the roads will add value, as well as some advice or places to visit. It is also possible to launch a friendly reminder of a reservation or updates of the itinerary.

What benefits do inApp and app push notifications offer you?
The main benefit of inApp messages is that they are integrated into the app experience. Its effectiveness is based on its appearance being the same as the interface of your app. In this way, users will not notice that it is a marketing action. They are also easy to design, offer great customization possibilities, and you can segment different messages for all your audience.

App push notifications stand out for their ability to retain customers. By offering valuable information to users, you reward their loyalty. This can be done by communicating new products or services that interest them. Along with this, you promote the memory of your brand, by attracting attention, and the possibilities of segmentation are high. This is because you show only the interesting data for each group.

In short, the travel sector makes the most of both types of messages. They are ideal for reaching the public in a simple or non-intrusive way. Of course, it is essential that you offer them useful information to capture their attention. Thus, you will get their loyalty and increase trust in your brand. indigitall helps you implement both solutions. We have a long experience and we fully adapt to your needs.