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How Mobile Wallet helps entities in the financial sector

23 NOV. 2022
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How Mobile Wallet helps entities in the financial sector

In its commitment to digitization, the financial sector finds in the Mobile Wallet developed by indigitall a new channel of communication with its customers. Its utilities and the benefits of sending communications will convince you to implement it as soon as possible in your company.

Cases of use of the Mobile Wallet in the financial sector
No development or integration. This is the channel we have devised. If you still do not know how it is activated, we will discover it for you in three easy steps:
1. The user scans a QR code or clicks on a link, an SMS…
2. Choose the “Add” option to include your firm’s wallet card on your Android or iOS.
3. The channel is now ready to send as many notifications as necessary.

Once your customers have incorporated the wallet card from your bank, insurance or other entity, you can start sending notifications. It is the ideal system for cases linked to the financial sector such as these:

  • Inform of special promotions (possibility of contracting insurance at a lower price than usual, acquiring a new banking product, etc.).
  • Communicate the option of making a specific payment, such as the quarterly VAT return, in several installments in successive months.
  • Notify of the collection of the payroll or pension as soon as the account is deposited.
  • Alert payments of a certain amount to third parties. These would include both those made by card and those made by direct debit.
  • Notify the imminent renewal of a product already contracted, such as home insurance.
  • Account for the implementation of new marketing campaigns.
  • Remember a previously scheduled appointment to make sure the client doesn’t forget it.
  • Keep customers up to date on raffles so that they can opt for different prizes (tickets for events, football shirts, a mobile phone…).
  • Show willingness to advise the client on tax advantages for their income statement.
  • Explain what new services are going to come into operation and from what specific date.
  • Update the award of points.

Communications are saved
All communications that the client receives can be saved in their wallet. In this way, you will have the opportunity to reread them or make use of the information they contain whenever you want. They will not be deleted nor is there a chance that they will be lost.
This is another of the advantages of the Mobile Wallet that we have devised at indigitall. Do not hesitate to consult our website to obtain more information about this and other services that we currently offer. You also have the opportunity to subscribe and contact us. We will be happy to assist you and solve your doubts.

Entities belonging to the financial sector, like yours, will enjoy the advantages of a channel that is already at their fingertips. Do not hesitate to use the free version of our product and follow us on LinkedIn to keep up to date with all our news.