The key points for a more successful Customer Journey

06 SEP. 2023
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The key points for a more successful Customer Journey

The indigitall platform has launched new artificial intelligence and machine learning modules to deliver better results based on data analysis and prediction models.


indigitall offers an improved Customer Journey to multiply the success of its customers and achieve greater acceptance of their communications through personalized messages. It is not just about sending a relevant communication to each user but receiving it through their favorite channel and at the most appropriate time. Precisely, a study by Harvard Business Review states that “Artificial Intelligence for sales increases leads by over 50% and reduces costs by almost 40 -60%”.

User Experience

The main goal of the Customer Journey is improving the user experience. In this way, it is possible to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. But how can we boost this bond with our audience? It is necessary to put ourselves in the shoes of our users and think about what they are looking for, what they need and what could convince them. Starting from this base, a visual image of the journey is created taking into account the different ways in which users come into contact with the brand (from a post on social networks, a google search, a push promotion …) and the information that the users need is channeled, at all times,  according to their behavior.


indigitall has implemented these new tools to optimize the Customer Journey and improve the effectiveness of your communications by improving the user experience thanks to artificial intelligence modules:

  • Best Path: The AI selects the best journey for each user taking into account different campaigns from the same channel and different channels.

  • Best Channel: Choosing the most appropriate channel for each user in a specific touchpoint taking into account the predictions of artificial intelligence.

  • Action Recommender: Selection of the action in a specific phase of the Customer Journey. Artificial intelligence is able to measure which of the actions will achieve a better result.

  • Best time Push / Email / SMS / WhatsApp: Choose to send your campaign at the most appropriate time for each user: after coffee, before eating …? We can have a general analysis of when it is most effective to send our campaigns but artificial intelligence chooses the most optimal time for each user.

  • Multivariate A/B Push / Email / SMS / WhatsApp Testing: Smart campaign testing allows you to detect which campaign works best with a real-time analysis of all recipients, not just a small sample.

Customer Journey

Case Studies

The Customer Journey offers accurate information at all times taking into account the customer’s perspective. There is no point in promoting a product with a 50% discount or talking about its innumerable advantages if the customer does not need it. Therefore, it is important to analyze the behavior of users to know more about them at a particular level, and detect trends and patterns of behavior with a more general approach. Machine Learning models allow you to detect and predict the next action that the users will take, so it is an incredible advantage to prepare personalized campaigns that respond to their expectations.


Through the Customer Journey, various communications can be automated and personalized, such as welcome messages, upselling and cross-selling promotions after a purchase, incentives for positive reviews… A good Customer Journey must take into account all the factors to dose the information and guide the user towards decision making. In this way, an increase in sales and conversion rate will be achieved, in addition to the increase in customer satisfaction and the aforementioned improvement in the user experience.


Creating campaigns

Artificial intelligence allows us to trace a customer journey as complete as possible taking into account the different preferences of our users in terms of content and channel used. It is possible that this task of multiplying campaigns will be titanic without generative artificial intelligence tools. For this reason, indigitall has integrated the ChatGPT application in push, email and SMS campaigns which allows you to create campaigns in a few seconds. Precisely, the selection of different tones of voice allows to diversify the different campaigns and, simultaneously, allows the use of the same tone in a path.

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