Salesforce’s Connector

Salesforce: Connect to
the world’s #1 CRM

The indigitall connector integrates the development of communications via App, Web, Mobile Wallet,
WhatsApp and SMS into the Salesforce Customer Journey.

Makes integration easy

The connector makes it very easy to integrate indigitall solutions into Salesforce. Even so, indigitall’s support team is available to anyone who is interested in implementing it.

Improve customer interaction by applying AI functionalities

Send relevant and personalised messages to customers at the best time, apart from improving customer interaction we get higher customer satisfaction rates.

Main benefits of the indigitall connector

In summary, the indigitall Web Push Connector for Salesforce is an effective solution for improving customer interaction, increasing customer retention and improving sales force efficiency.

Improve the customer experience.
web push
Capture more leads with the web push service (not included in Salesforce).
Increase conversion with less investment.
Send Kpass files via the mobile App to download to the mobile wallet.

Increases customer retention

By receiving personalised and relevant messages, customers are more likely to remain engaged with the company, which can improve long-term customer retention.

Improves sales team efficiency

By having better customer interaction and higher customer retention, the sales team can better use their time and energy to focus on other important tasks.

Omni-channel marketing, the solution you need

indigitall is the most complete automated marketing solution covering all communications via App, Web, Mobile Wallet, WhatsApp and SMS.

We added the Advanced App Push Service
and implemented Web Push Notifications

Include buttons to interact with users (e.g. satisfaction surveys).
Add functionalities with the most advanced Artificial Intelligence.
Get to know your users through other apps they have installed.
Know the real-time location of users.
Notifications with images, animated GIFs or video.
Compatibility with Harmony.
Automated messages.