Media and Entertainment

Media and entertainment
Keep your users connected with the news and events they are most interested in and increase the content viewed from your website or app by up to 300%.
Offer innovative experiences from all available digital media
Differentiate yourself from your competitors by offering an innovative and original experience throughout the customer journey, while attracting new customers.

With our platform you will be able to measure customer satisfaction and identify areas for improvement (creating an appropriate strategy for each segment of your audience/customers).
Drive engagement among your visitors, generating a drastic increase in your advertising revenues
Increase your monthly active users. Push notifications increase user interaction rates with your website content. It also boosts the number of entries in the app and downloads.

In parallel, you can easily define the actions that make a user your potential customer.
Improved segmentation
Thanks to indigitall’s tools, you can achieve better segmentation, broader reach and greater customer engagement.

The more information you have, the more you can create an appropriate strategy for each segment of your audience.
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