Geofencing – EN


Geolocation & Geotargeting

Communicate with your audience in the right moment at the perfect place.

Define areas and locations for your campaigns

Improve your customer experience by communicationg with relevant content on the perfect location. indigitall allows you to define various areas for your campaigns:
Send notifications on specific streets, neighbourhoods, personalized areas and zip codes
Trigger communications when the user enters a public POI, such as airports, train stations, shopping malls, partner spaces or direct competitor places.
Message your users when they are approach a radious near your business during opening hours

Target the right audience on the right place

With the geotargeting option you can automize the frequency of your notifications and define various parameters for their delivery.
Define important zones for your business and its perimeter, where communication with your target group can be most relevant
Set a delivery criteria and target specific segments of your clients, the frequency range and in which time and days would fit best

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