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Generating meaningful customer experiences
indigitall helps businesses to connect with their customers and offer them a singular experience through the right channels at the right moment.
How indigitall helps throughout the Customer Journey
Easily connect with potential customers
Reach your audience through the right channels and generate relevant and personalized experiences depending on their profiles.
Automate relevant communications with AI
Send personalized messages at the right time along the customer journey to improve the overall user experience.
Generate relevant customer flows with a global vision
Take the most appropriate action in real time thanks to the mapping of the customer journey and the overview that our tool offers.
Set up your journey map:
Create great experiences with an omnichannel technology
Offer a customer-centric omnichannel experience and create flows based on real-time experiences with indigitall.
Improve your customer
experience now
Grow your business thanks to better personalized communications.
Be present at each stage
of the Customer Journey
Adapt your communication strategy to your clients needs. Our
technology allows you to customize messages using AI (ana
Machine Learning) to connect with your customers.
Offer your customers alternative ways to connect with you.
Consistency of messages and the ability to offer each client what they need.
Deliver personalized messages at the right time at the right moment.
The key moment where the message and communication lead the transaction.
Transform one-time customers to loyal ones with relevant communications.
Artificial intelligence
Listen to your customers and generate value with real time information for user journeys. Get a global perspective on the best next steps and add our artificial intelligence tips to help you refine campaigns.
Multichannel Customization
Customize your campaigns and increase your knowledge about your customers, know the interactions they have had with your brand, along with exclusive data on behaviors and interests.
Take strategic decisions
now based on data
Increase and collect more data on the behavior of your
customers to make strategic decisions with indigitall. Good data
managementv and agility is essential for fast and effective
decision making.
Improve your customer
experience now
Grow your business thanks to better personalized communications.