indigitall accelerates its growth thanks to Santander Bank’s Smart Fund

05 MAY. 2022
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indigitall accelerates its growth thanks to Santander Bank’s Smart Fund

indigitall’s technological solution receives the support of Santander Bank’s Smart Fund, aimed at accompanying initiatives with growth potential, with a strong focus in this case on innovation and digitalization. Specifically, the Smart Fund has opted for the trajectory and evolution of indigitall and the projections of its national and international expansion, with a clear focus on sustained growth and digitalization of marketing processes, also leading to the generation of quality and qualified employment.

Nine years after its creation, indigitall has positioned itself as a global benchmark for the digital transformation of companies, being the only platform in the world that includes all inbound (inbound marketing) and outbound (outbound marketing) digital channels integrated into a single technological solution.

A young and consolidated company, with a qualified team and an ambitious growth plan, it has a great innovative capacity and strategic vision, whose next challenges are the opening of a subsidiary in the United States and the commercialization of new products based on digital communication services, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity.

The founders and directors of indigitall are satisfied with this agreement. Xavier Omella is proud because “it is a recognition of the work of the entire team; our key factors are the results achieved, the leadership demonstrated and the satisfaction of our customers, leading brands from all sectors”. For his part, Juan Carlos de la Vela adds that it is about continuing the strategy outlined, “being able to provide the spark, that innovation focused on obtaining results for our clients. They are satisfied with us because they are successful and, therefore, we will continue to grow and add value.”

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