The evolution of mobile technology and its impact on our day-to-day lives

29 MAY. 2023
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The evolution of mobile technology and its impact on our day-to-day lives

The evolution of mobile technology has been astounding in recent years, with significant advances in terms of hardware, software and connectivity, leading to a wide variety of applications and uses in everyday life. Today, mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, are used for a wide range of activities, and their use has drastically changed the way we interact with the world and perform daily tasks.
One of the main areas in which mobile technology is used is in communications. Therefore, at indigitall we want to help companies in their digital transformation in this field. Smartphones allow making voice and video calls, sending text messages, receiving notifications, emails and using instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp to connect with people and businesses around the world. In addition, social networks are used through mobile apps, allowing you to share content, interact with friends and family, and keep up with the latest news and events from your favorite brands.
Another common use is in navigation and information gathering. For example, maps and real-time navigation applications allow people to find directions, discover places of interest, and get information about traffic and public transportation. In addition, Internet searches are often conducted via mobile devices, allowing access to that information anytime, anywhere.
Mobile technology has also revolutionized the way we manage our lives on a day-to-day basis. Productivity and personal organization applications, such as calendars, to-do lists and note apps, are used to help us stay organized and manage our time efficiently. This type of technology has also become an important tool for remote work, allowing access to emails, documents and business applications.

Its impact by sector

One of the sectors that has been significantly impacted by this transformation is the entertainment industry. Music and video streaming applications make it possible to listen to music and watch movies, TV shows and videos in real time on mobile devices. Games are also very popular and are available on every platform to download and play on smartphones and tablets.
It is also present in areas such as health and wellness, with applications for tracking physical activity, health monitoring, and access to medical information and online healthcare services.
Another sector is the financial one, mobile usage has made us change the way we do financial transactions, enabling online payments, mobile banking and money transfer services.
In short, mobile devices have become an indispensable tool in our lives because of the ease and accessibility they offer us in all areas of our lives.
Like mobile technology, indigitall has evolved and now has an omnichannel platform with 14 digital channels with which it is possible to establish communication flows and strategies.
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