Some uses of WhatsApp Business that you want to try in your company

24 NOV. 2021
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Some uses of WhatsApp Business that you want to try in your company

The WhatsApp Business tool is spreading more and more among businesses that have seen the benefit of communicating with their customers in this channel so used by everyone. It’s free, easy to use, and allows you to have direct communication with your customers, perfect for small businesses. If your company has a customer service department or if you need to unify and professionalize this service, the WhatsApp Business API is a unique opportunity to position your business or service.

But what is the difference between using WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business Api?

WhatsApp Business API has been made thinking of larger companies that need an integrated solution to communicate with their customers around the world, in a more automated but at the same time personalized way.

Some reasons to consider using this channel for the official communication of your business with your clients are the following:

  1. High percentage of visualization, since the CTR is very high.
  2. It is a channel very close to the customer, so it will help you both in terms of conversions and efficiency.
  3. Its use is very widespread, since it is very easy to use.

In this article, we are going to see solutions that are available to you in WhatsApp Business and are useful for all types of companies, as well as options available only with WhatsApp Business API that are aimed at medium and large businesses. Depending on what your goals are, you will need one type of solution or another, since the channel is the same, but the tool is very different.

WhatsApp Business
1. Business profile:

Create a professional profile with address, opening hours, description, email and your website. Here you must also create your welcome message, the automatic message of “out of opening hours” and the other quick responses that you want to add. You can do this from WhatsApp Business for free.

2. Use a QR code

To access WhatsApp and start the conversation, you can use a QR code, something that is already being done a lot in hospitality to provide the information of the letter to customers from their devices and thus avoiding that multiple people use the same physical letter. Get the QR code of your WhatsApp Business by following these instructions.

3. Inform about your products or services

You can create collections with your products / services and share them through chat when a customer has started a conversation. Each product has its name, description, code, image, price and link to the corresponding page on the web. These collections can be created for free on WhatsApp Business.

Below I show you an example of WhatsApp Business access with a QR code and in which a product catalog is shared with the client.

One of the next obvious steps for WhatsApp Business is that purchases can be made directly from the application, with confirmation messages and auto-generated tracking links when making the purchase. I leave you an example of how it will be displayed when this option is available to us.

4. Advertising on Facebook / Instagram

Finally, if WhatsApp works very well in your business, you may want to use it as a CTA (call-to-action) in your advertising on Facebook and Instagram, as well as on your company Facebook page. This will allow you to segment your audiences based on the different products / services you want to offer, as well as other information related to giveaways or promotions that you are running on these social networks.

WhatsApp Business API
1. Customer Service:

As we have already seen, you can use WhatsApp Business for your clients to communicate with your company, sharing files, solutions to incidents, etc.

For medium and large businesses, the API also allows you to integrate WhatsApp Business into your CRM so that several people serve customers at the same time and be able to share the information required by each customer.

In addition, some responses can be automated using chatbots, to be more efficient with the time invested by the agents and create a funnel through which the customer moves with the help of the bot. At indigitall we offer an intelligent bot to give automatic responses to customers without losing personalization. Also thanks to the development of indigitall you will create a history for each of your contacts, this will allow you to better know your users and in turn improve and adapt the product to your consumers.

As you can see, it is an application that offers you numerous business opportunities. Businesses can communicate with their customers quickly and efficiently. At a time like the present, this is an exit that will bring you many advantages:

  • Instant chats with clients.
  • Chatbot configuration to answer frequently asked questions.
  • Presence in a widely used app, increasing the message opening rate.
  • A friendlier communication with your customers.
2. Broadcast lists:

By creating a broadcast list, you can send messages to multiple contacts at the same time. When sending a message in a distribution list, the contacts that form it will receive the message as if it were an individual WhatsApp message. These contacts must have given prior consent for you to send them promotional information. There are tools that allow you to integrate your current contact list with WhatsApp Business for mass sending to your databases, some are WhatsON, WhatsMarketing or Flock Send.

3. Notifications:

WhatsApp Business API also allows you to automate notifications so that they reach your customers at the right time through this channel. It is a particularly attractive feature for the tourism, media and banking sectors, among others, which require frequent and personalized notifications. It is important for the sending of notifications that users have given their prior consent.

Regarding the consent of notifications, here are some tips:

  • Clearly indicate the types of messages a person agrees to receive (e.g. delivery updates).
  • Avoid sending messages too often.
  • Provide instructions for customers to unsubscribe and honor their request.
  • Monitor quality rating, especially when implementing new consent methods.

If you want to receive more information regarding WhatsApp Business API and how your company could benefit from this technology, contact us through WhatsApp or visit this link.

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