Generic features – EN

Many capabilities in one platform
Personalised communications and advanced segmentation
Thanks to advanced targeting methods you can automatically target your customers depending on different factors to offer them a personalized experience. You can segment users by:
Interests and preferences
Web/app usage and type of user (active, inactive…)
Device or browser
Quickly set up intelligent A/B Test campaigns
Get your Intelligent A/B Tests with a few clicks. You just need to have add the desided content variations and indigitall does the rest. We recommend to let these campaigns run for 3-7 days to achieve optimal results.
Add optimized multimedia and interactions in your campaigns
indigitall allows you to add multimedia (image, animated GIFs and video) to your campaigns and optimise the crop for best results directly on the platform.
Geotargeting and Geolocation
Thanks to outstanding geofencing technology you can automate communications depending on the location of your audience. You can target the by:
Saved personalized areas
When reaching specific locations
Streets or postal codes
Detailed analytics and export for reports
Follow your progress and results and download the data to include it in your reports. For every single one of your campaigns you will geet key statistics like:
Reached users
Click though rate
Bounce rate
Response rate
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