Are your messages not resonating with the audience?

24 JUN. 2024
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Are your messages not resonating with the audience?

Users buy more on channels with their native language


There is data that corroborates that users browse and interact more satisfactorily on websites that use their native language. Specifically, a Google study states that 72% of consumers browse websites available in their own language and 82% of users say they prefer to buy if promotional materials are available in their native language. On the other hand, research carried out last year at Nebrija University, promoted by the Academy of Advertising, indicates that slogans in Spanish provoke an immediate reaction in the brain, 60% more powerful than if they are in English.


UNESCO celebrates International Mother Language Day annually in February to promote multilingual education, the preservation of culture, intangible heritage and the revitalization of languages. The international entity alludes to the importance of “enriching multilingualism on the web and digital literacy”. Undoubtedly, generative artificial intelligence is the best ally in this regard as it can create texts in any language in a few seconds and with different tones.


Flexible and creative

Generative artificial intelligence makes it possible to write in the audience’s native language. Precisely, indigitall has integrated ChatGPT into its platform to allow the creation of text in any language for web push, app push, SMS and email campaigns.


The tool is so powerful and flexible that it allows you to write the campaign in the selected language and additionally offers seven different writing tones to make a greater impact on the audience. In this way, it is possible to unify all communications with the same tone or you can try different tones depending on the profile and behavior of the users to see which one receives the best response. Creating better texts in a matter of seconds! Find out how it works here.



Better results

The use of generative artificial intelligence improves the user experience and stimulates a deeper bond with the user, establishing an environment of greater proximity and trust. Likewise, AI achieves an increase in the conversion rate thanks to the choice of words and emojis that will have the most impact on users.

The content creation process, using generative artificial intelligence, is a fast, simple, and secure method since the information is not shared with ChatGPT’s public chatbots. This means that it does not use the data sent by customers through its API for the training of its models or dissemination of the information.


AI Chatbots

indigitall’s intelligent chatbots perfectly detect the user’s language, including adaptation to specific localisms or industries, and automatically reply in the same language used as if it were a person. Generative AI bots are a great advantage to offer 24/7 support and attention, especially considering their great understanding of open-ended questions without the need to follow predefined scripts.


These GenAI chabots are used for customer service and, likewise, for the management of internal content, whether they are aimed at employees, subscribed customers and suppliers, establishing an effective communication channel. Precisely, from the perspective of internal use from the Human Resources department, the use of inclusive language and the development of appropriate algorithms favor the implementation of diversity, equity and inclusion policies.


The advantage of indigitall’s intelligent chatbots lies in the fact that they can be integrated into any communication channel, including WhatsApp, since the company is a Meta Business Partner thanks to its experience in developing business solutions with the well-known instant messaging app.

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