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How to use SMS in education?

23 NOV. 2022
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How to use SMS in education?

Education is one such SMS use case that demonstrates the need to stay in touch with the user. This reliable, universal and accessible tool enables communication with any mobile phone with or without Internet. Likewise, it does not require the installation of any type of software, since it comes from the factory. Our experience proves the effectiveness of this tool in educational environments. Join us to discover its advantages and peculiarities.

The most relevant SMS use cases in the education sector
As it is a sector with an open rate of around 90%, SMS leaves no one out. Educational processes also have to be as inclusive as possible, so they have this factor in common. With this in mind, the most propitious occasions to use this type of messaging are:

-Training of adults or elderly people who do not get along with other technologies.
-Distance, remote or mixed educational processes. The user will be able to receive notifications of classes, grades and other relevant information.
-For the administrative procedures of educational centers. For example, they can send SMS to notify of enrollment deadlines, registrations or make appointments.
-Transmission of urgent data, which must be viewed. This is where alerts for emergencies or unforeseen contingencies would enter, such as the cancellation of classes.
-In the non-regulated formation, text messaging is an extraordinary form of sale. It also opens the door to customer loyalty by offering relevant and instant information.

Advantages of using SMS in the educational sector
Communication with people is essential when teaching. It depends on her that the students follow the contents, learn and conclude their learning cycles. What can our indigitall service do for you? We put at your disposal a channel with a high conversion rate and guaranteed impact. Among other advantages we find:

-Customized messages: SMS are one of the most individualized forms of communication. Being able to call the user by name and transmit accurate information to them are two great benefits.
-Concrete and concise: Text messaging can make the customer journey a pleasant, close and very beneficial experience for both. By restricting the message up to 160 characters, the client knows that there will be no superfluous information.
-With everyone and instantly: With this tool you can reach a massive audience in a matter of minutes.
-What works and what doesn’t?: Thanks to real-time reports, you will know second by second which SMS are optimal. In this way, communication can become more efficient and effective, specifying the best times to send them.
-Link shortener included: To make the most of the 160 characters. You will have a link shortener available in every text message you send to boost user feedback.

Text messaging has a great future in the field of education. Try the free version of the application and follow us on LinkedIn to get the most out of it.