MOBILE WALLET MARKETING: More sales with just one click

12 JUN. 2023
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MOBILE WALLET MARKETING: More sales with just one click

The mobile industry has done nothing but grow and position smartphones as the most widely used devices. Numerous studies affirm that more than 70% of users have bought a product using this device. 

For this reason, the communication strategies that companies follow today increasingly involve sending messages or notifications on a mobile level.

This improves the user experience and makes it more direct and personalized, as well as ensuring that they will read it, as they always have their mobile phone with them.

The users must scan the QR code in the physical shop, on the web or from the communications sent to them, and the card will immediately be added to their digital wallet.

From this moment on, the customer will receive notifications on their device without having to open the wallet.

How can your brand benefit?


  • By increasing sales:
    By making the discount or product appear directly on the screen, you will push the consumer to use it as it will only take one click to purchase or use it.

  • More customers in your database:
    Your users won’t be able to say no to any kind of applicable promotion with just one click and it will be much easier for you to capture more leads.

  • Customer retention:
    With this type of notifications you will make the relationship closer and they will be more predisposed to participate in your business activity. 

How can your company use mobile wallets?

One of the most common uses of mobile wallets is to send loyalty programmes; however, there are many other uses, for example:

  • Boarding passes and train tickets
  • Tickets for shows or events
  • Gift cards
  • Discount coupons

Mobile Wallet opens up a world of opportunities to capture leads and build customer loyalty in an automated and personalized way, without any effort.

More and more companies are using marketing strategies with Mobile Wallet because they ensure the 3 pillars for the success of your company: 

Increased conversion and sales, traffic generation to your website or app and customer loyalty.


From indigitall we invite you to get to know our product and join a communication channel that is gaining more and more strength, don’t get left behind!


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